Mnet 'Girls Planet 999': Who is Huening Bahiyyih? TXT Kai's sister a part of survival show

As an ‘04 liner and being part European, fans are excited to see what she’s going to bring to the table

                            Mnet 'Girls Planet 999': Who is Huening Bahiyyih? TXT Kai's sister a part of survival show
Fans are excited to see Kai's sister Huening Bahiyyih enter the industry (Instagram)

Survival shows are the easiest way for companies to push a new group into the industry. As seen with shows like 'Produce 101' and 'I-LAND', the groups hit the ground running as they already have a fanbase consisting of viewers who watched the shows. Brands and companies too are aware of the members which in turn helps the groups land gigs. The rating of the show also helps with the reputation of the group and its members who are already famous. Which is why 'Girls Planet 999' is already much talked about with star-studded participants like TXT Kai’s sister Bahiyyih.

Groups that have been formed through survival shows are Wanna One, ENHYPEN and the huge project group, I.O.I. Mnet has been responsible for several such shows and 'Girls Planet 999' happens to be their latest venture. While we do not know if its winners will form a temporary project group or a permanent girl group, fans are excited about it. Big names have been attached to it, with second-gen stars Sunmi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany participating as mentors for the participants.

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Huening Bahiyyih (Instagram)

Bahiyyih's participation in Girls Planet 999

The participants are also diverse with idols like CLC’s Choi Yujin and Cherry Bullet’s Bora and Jiwon competing. Among rookies, we have none other than Huening Bahiyyih. Sister to TXT’s Huening Kai, Bahiyyih showcased an interest in following her brother’s footsteps by auditioning with YG Entertainment last year and later for Belift Lab. She deleted the contents of her social media after being confirmed as a trainee. She has already started gaining a fanbase and has been trending on Twitter since then. Fans were waiting to see what she would do next and were pleasantly surprised when they saw her in the lineup for 'Girls Planet 999'.

The survival show is the perfect platform for potential idols like Huening Bahiyyih as it includes guest singers, participants and mentors from South Korea, China and Japan. 13 thousand aspirants had auditioned for the show. Bahiyyih happened to be one of the 99 that were selected in the end. She already has a foot in the industry as she was the narrator during the announcement of Worldwide Fan’s Choice at MAMA 2020.

As an ‘04 liner and being part European, fans are excited to see what she’s going to bring to the table.

She may be participating as an individual trainee, but production is excited to see her compete. One staff member said that not only does she look like her brother, she is also talented in dancing and singing. The show will be broadcast on Mnet’s channel in August, 2021 with 12 episodes. The girls will all compete together while their ranks will be in the hands of the ‘Master Council’ as well as the audience. 

A fan tweeted, “I can't breathe helppp I thought Bahiyyih going to participate in I-land Female ver but here she is now OMGGGG. I can't wait!!" Another fan said, “So what if we support bahiyyih huening? we support her because she has the potential and talent, not just because she's our idol's sister. and don't you dare introduce her that way and mess things up i will throw hands.” One more fan tweeted, “Bahiyyih jaleh huening is a 04 liner currently participating as a trainee for the new mnet kpop survival group "Girls Planet 99"! Please show lots of support for our bahiyyih.” Another Twitter user said, “I hate survival shows but i hope bahiyyih huening the best and i have my support for her.”