Mnet ‘Girls Planet 999’: Release date and how to watch K-pop survival show

Mnet ‘Girls Planet 999’: Release date and how to watch K-pop survival show
'Girls Planet 999' is coming soon (@mnet_official/Instagram)

Girls Planet 999’ happens to be Mnet’s latest survival show. Consisting of participants from South Korea, Japan and China, the winners will all come together to debut in a new K-pop group. Mnet is yet to confirm whether it will be a temporary project group such as Wanna One and IZ*ONE.

With just a month left for the show's first broadcast, Mnet will be releasing introductory stages to keep the momentum going. Known as the ‘signal song’ stage, where we will first see the participants demonstrate their talent, the girls will be performing to the ‘signal song’ titled ‘O.O.O’. Hwang Hyeon, known for his songs for Red Velvet and EXO has participated in the making of the song, while the dance mentors choreographed it. Here’s when the show is going to air and how you can watch it.


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Release date and time

The first episode of ‘Girls Planet 999’ will air on August 6 at 8:20 pm KST (7:20 am ET).


Where to watch

The show will air on Mnet’s channel. Clips of the show and performances will be available on Mnet’s official YouTube channel. Some exclusive content will be released on the ‘UNIVERSE’ app.



Mnet released the ‘signal song’ stage for the Korean group on July 12. The rest of the two groups’ stages were unveiled later this week.










Known as the Planet Master, Yeo Jin-goo of 'Hotel Del Luna' fame will host the show.


Mentors and Masters

The Masters' Council is a panel of mentors and trainers who will guide the participants. The two K-pop mentors will be legendary K-pop idols who have extensive experience in the industry as idols. Then we have the four trainers consisting of two vocalists and two dancers.



K-pop Masters (mentors)
Sunmi - soloist and previously a part of Wonder Girls
Tiffany - part of the girl group Girls’ Generation

Vocal Masters (trainers)
Jo Ayoung - former member of the girl group Dal Shabet
Lim Han-byul - former member of the boy group Monday Kiz

Dance Masters (trainers)
Baek Koo-young - dancer and regular choreographer for SM Entertainment artists
Jang Juhee - dancer and regular choreographer for JYP Entertainment artists


'Girls Planet 999' Masters Council (@girlsplanet999/Facebook)


Out of the 13,000 auditions sent in, 99 girls were selected as trainees. With the focus on South Korea, China and Japan, there are 33 participants from each country. All 99 trainees will be gradually revealed this week through the show’s official website. Some of the notable participants are:
Ando Rinka
BABYMETAL Avenger’s Okazaki Momoko
BVNDIT’s Seungeun
FANATICS’ Chiayi, Doah, Rayeon
Cherry Bullet’s May, Jiwon, Bora
CLC’s Choi Yujin
GNZ48’s twin sisters, Liang Jiao and Qiao
Huening Bahiyyih (sister to TXT’s Kai)
Limesoda’s Kim Hyerim
Orange Latte’s Hayase Hana, Kishida Ririka
Oyama Ruan
Prizmmy’s Kubo Reina
X21’s Kawaguchi Yurina
Youth With You 2’s contestants Xia Yan, Zhang Luofei, Fu Yaning, Wang Yale, Wen Zhe, Xu Ziyin, Chen Xinwei



The three countries each represent a ‘Planet’. The viewers play an important role since their votes will affect the participants’ ranking, hence they are known as the ‘Planet Guardians’. The show also wanted to focus on the girls having a positive experience in the K-pop industry and it, therefore, came up with the title ‘Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga’.


How to vote?

Usually, the voting on survival shows takes place through already established voting apps. But it has been revealed that this time Mnet has partnered up with the virtual K-pop platform UNIVERSE. Hence the voting will take place on the UNIVERSE app.

The first episode of ‘Girls Planet 999’ will air on Mnet’s channel on August 6 at 8.20pm KST.


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