Gaho ‘Fireworks’: Release date, music video and all about the OST King’s first album

Gaho is known for his motivational OSTs for popular K-dramas like 'Itaewon Class' and 'Jirisan'

                            Gaho ‘Fireworks’: Release date, music video and all about the OST King’s first album
Gaho for 'Fireworks' (@plt_twt/Twitter)

Gaho is finally set to drop his first-ever studio album, ‘Fireworks’. He debuted in 2018 by releasing several OSTs (original soundtracks) for popular K-dramas like ‘The Time’ and ‘The Last Empress’. His motivational OST ‘Start Over’ for the 2020 Netflix show ‘Itaewon Class’, which is quite different from the usual romantic ballads for K-dramas was a viral hit as it topped several charts. Fans dubbed him as the ‘OST King’ and he has continued to lend his voice for OSTs in K-dramas like ‘Start Up’ and ‘Jirisan’.

Gaho is also part of the project group PLT for artists under the label Planetarium Records and the rock band Kave which is known for their rock covers of iconic K-pop songs. He released his first EP, ‘Preparation For a Journey’ in December 2018 and his first single album ‘A Song For You’ in 2020. He also was nominated for the first time at the 2020 MAMA for the ‘Itaewon Class’ OST and also won. And now, he’s finally ready to drop his first album. Here’s everything we know about ‘Fireworks’.

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Gaho for 'Fireworks' (@plt_twt/Twitter)

Release date

Gaho’s ‘Fireworks’ will be released on November 23 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

Where to listen

His first studio album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Gaho for 'Fireworks' (@plt_twt/Twitter)


1. ‘OOO’
2. ‘Lost my way’
3. ‘Right Now’ - Title track
4. ‘Anyway’
5. Rush Hour
6. ‘Afraid
7. ‘Part time lover’
8. ‘RIDE’
9. ‘High’
10. ‘Crush’
11. ‘Friend’
12. ‘Like the moon’

‘Right Now’ is the title track of the album. The summer hit ‘Rush Hour’ and the rock track ‘Ride’ were pre-released singles of the album. Gaho explains it's the rich emotions one feels in their youth, that’s what he wanted to express with his first album. He has participated in the songwriting, production, composition and arrangement of all the songs in the album.

Gaho for 'Fireworks' (@plt_twt/Twitter)


Gaho released four sets of image teasers and two concept photos to give fans a glimpse of what to expect from his first album. In the first three teaser images, his face is partially covered as he is surrounded by neon and bright lights. In the fourth teaser image, he’s dressed in a chic outfit with a trench coat as he stands in front of a pink bubble. To show off his dynamic range, he gets sombre for the concept images of ‘Right Now’ as he broods in a rocky landscape.

Gaho for 'Fireworks' (@plt_twt/Twitter)

Music video teasers

Gaho released an album trailer and music video teaser. In the album trailer, we see behind-the-scenes footage and snippets of the music video and Gaho working on the album. The ‘Right Now’ music video is full of ominous instrumentals as we see Gaho in intense shots like playing the piano in rain and running on a beach.

Watch the album trailer below.


Watch the music video teaser for ‘Right Now’ below.


'An emotional rollercoaster'

Excited fans hyped up the album on Twitter. One fan posted, “Just looking at the titles you can tell this album will be an emotional rollercoaster.. However, he did say the album's concept was pretty bright so.. Idk.” Another tweeted, “Raise your hand if you Right Now is going to make you cry.” One added, “GAHO OST KING LET'S GO!!”




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