EXO's Kai and Mamamoo's Hwasa's solo comebacks to dominate last half of 2021

We also have soloists like B.I, GOT7’s Mark, Eric Nam and Gaho coming back this month

                            EXO's Kai and Mamamoo's Hwasa's solo comebacks to dominate last half of 2021
EXO's Kai and Mamamoo's Hwasa release posters for their upcoming releases (@weareoneEXO, @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)

With the award season starting, fans witnessed the October rush as several K-pop acts lined up to release new music that would be eligible for nominations. Since the nominations of several award shows are out, labels are now focusing on their artists’ year-end performances and concerts. Well, to save us from this drought, we have solo artists like EXO’s Kai and Mamamoo’s Hwasa making a comeback before 2021 ends.

In the first week of November, we had the likes of 2AM, The Boyz, ONEUS making a comeback. Popular second-gen group T-ara is also reunited while we have the likes of TWICE, Monsta X and SF9 ending November with their album releases. But with not too many groups making a comeback, it’s the solo artists’ time to shine. Astro’s MJ debuted solo with ‘Happy Virus’ last week. VIXX’s Leo dropped his first piece of music after the military. Veterans like BoA and BTOB’s Minhyuk too came back while B.I, GOT7’s Mark, Eric Nam and Gaho are releasing new music. And now, Kai and Hwasa are making waves.

EXO Kai to make solo comeback in November, fans can't keep calm over 'Kolo's return' 
Mamamoo’s Hwasa announces solo project, fans wonder if it's her first studio album


EXO’s Kai to make comeback first

On November 10, EXO announced that Kai would be making his first solo comeback. He debuted last year with the iconic song ‘Mmmh’ which took the K-pop industry by storm. And now, he is going to release his second mini-album ‘Peaches’. The album is set to be quite different from the glamorous R&B mood that he had for his first album. With six tracks, the 'Peaches' album is going to be released on November 30 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


Mamamoo’s Hwasa to release second single album

We also have Mamamoo’s Hwasa set to come back. Back in September, it was reported that Hwasa was working on her next music project. She first debuted solo with the single ‘Twit’ in 2019. She then came back with her first single album ‘Maria’ which topped charts and was certified platinum. It has now been announced that she will be making a solo comeback with her second single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ on November 24 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET). Quite different from the gritty ‘Maria’, it looks like she is going for a horror concept with ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

Watch the trailer for ‘Guilty Pleasure’ below.


'Queen Hwasa is coming back'

Excited EXO-Ls trended #KAI2ndSOLO as they made tweets like, “FROM KAI 开 TO PEACHES LET'S GOO,” and “SOLOIST KAI IS BACK FINALLY!!!!!  PEACHES BY KAI IS COMING Y'ALL!!!!!” Hwasa’s fans trended ‘Queen Is Back’ as they made posts like, “MAKE WAY TO THE QUEEN SHE IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!” and “OUR RADIANT QUEEN HWASA IS COMING BACK!!!”





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