'Framed by My Sister': 5 things you must know about the upcoming Lifetime movie

'Framed by My Sister': 5 things you must know about the upcoming Lifetime movie
'Framed by My Sister' (Lifetime)

Channels like Lifetime always bring out unique stories for their viewers to make their weekends more memorable and enjoyable. The movies Lifetime brings are very much relatable to our real-life stories, and you can easily relate to some incident that you have ever heard in your life. So you can spend your lazy weeks with some delightful snacks and a perfect movie.


'Framed by My Sister' is the upcoming Lifetime movie. Have you ever assumed losing your sibling at birth and finding the same one after many years and that too filled with revenge and anger? Even the thought of the same scares everyone, but Lifetime's movie will only show something like this. Two twins, Reina and Alex, find their lives upended by their mysterious triplet. The triplet is filled with revenge and thoughts that the other two sisters are the reason behind separating her from the family. What will she do? And how will these sisters resolve everything? Only the movie can answer these curious questions, and you must know a few things about the upcoming movie. You can also add other movies like 'Single Black Female', 'Trapped by My Sugar Daddy', and 'Deadly Garage Sale' to your watchlist.



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When will 'Framed by My Sister' be released. and where can you watch it

'Framed by My Sister' will be released on 25 February 2022, at 8/7c. You can watch the upcoming movie on the Lifetime channel.

What is 'Framed by My Sister' all about 

The official synopsis reads, "Twins Reina and Alex (Scout Taylor-Compton) find their lives upended by their mysterious triplet Trinity (Scout Taylor-Compton), who was separated from them at birth and who has devised a plan to frame one for murder and assume the identity of the other."


Who stars in the upcoming 'Framed by My Sister'

Scout Taylor-Compton will play the lead role in the upcoming movie. The list for other stars includes TK Richardson and Tracy Nelson. 

Scout Taylor-Compton 

Scout Taylor-Compton is an American actress. Her works include 'Afterschool Delight',' 7 songs',' 13 Going on 30', 'Sleepover', 'Wicked Little Things', and 'The First Time.'The actress was born on February 21, 1989.




The details about the creators of the movies have not been released. Once it is out, we will update the space. Stay tuned.



The channel has not released any official trailer yet for the upcoming movie. Once the trailer is released, we will update this space. Stay tuned. 

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