'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy': 5 things to know about Lifetime's upcoming movie

'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' features love story of 18year old with a man double her age

                            'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy': 5 things to know about Lifetime's upcoming movie
A still from 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy'(Lifetime)

Channels like Lifetime are very famous for churning interesting stories and bringing brilliant actors on the big screen. Earlier, the channel made viewers' holiday season special with Christmas special movies, and now, the channel is set to treat fans with another movie 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy.'

'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' is an American thriller movie featuring stars Katie Kelly and Lindsay Hartley. The movie revolves around an 18-year-old girl who starts dating a 50-year-old man. The man fulfills all her wishes, like taking her on shopping sprees and giving her treat in fancy restaurants, and that leads to a huge rift with her mother. The man becomes a psychological manipulator and turns the girl into an emotional prisoner. Will she manage to escape? If you are curious to know more about the upcoming movie, read on.


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When will 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' be released, and where can you watch it 

The upcoming Lifetime's movie will be airing on January 9, 2022, at 8 pm EST. You can watch the movie on the Lifetime channel.

What is 'Trapper By My Sugar Daddy' all about 

"An 18-year-old begins dating a charming 50-year-old man who treats her to shopping sprees and fancy restaurants, creating a huge rift with her mother. Mom’s instincts prove right when the man becomes psychologically manipulative, turning the girl into an emotional prisoner in his mansion, " reads the official synopsis.

Who stars in the upcoming 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' 

'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' stars Katie Kelly, James Hyde, Lindsay Hartley, Heather Lynn Harris, Tiffany Montgomery, Ryan Francis, Ashton Leigh, Michael Wageman and Caroline McKenzie.

Katie Kelly 

Katie Kelly is a famous American actress, model, YouTuber, entrepreneur, born on January 24, 2000. She is the owner of two fashion brands and sells products that are very much in demand at very reasonable rates. Through her social media accounts, it is apparent that the actress is very close to her mother, Beth Kelly, a real estate owner. Katie mainly uploads pictures with her mother. She is the only sister of three brothers named Kevin Kelly, Kolby Kelly and Kyle Kelly. She made her appearance in a 2011 movie titled 'Language of a Broken Heart' as Lucy. In 2016 she appeared in 'Game of Silence.'



The director of the upcoming Lifetime movie is Lindsay Hartley.


The channel has not released any trailer yet. Once the trailer is released, we will update the space. Stay tuned with us.

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