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'Deadly Garage Sale' Review: Lifetime thriller is all about death and revenge

Lifetime's thriller movie shows the revenge of a sister following his brother's accidental death
A still from 'Deadly Garage Sale'
A still from 'Deadly Garage Sale'

Channel like Lifetime has been putting all their efforts into making their viewer's holiday season a special and memorable one. The channel has stood out on everyone's expectations and is back with a thriller and mysterious movie titled 'Deadly Garage Sale'.

'Deadly Garage Sale' revolves around the robbing of the garage sale of suburban mother Marcia (Aryè Campos). While a struggle ensues, one of the thieves, Peter (Christian Seavey), is killed accidentally and his sister Trudee (Juliana Destefano) plans for an act of revenge. On the other hand, Candice (Autumn Noel) is a foster child who doesn't appreciate Marcia's garage sale and calls it a junkyard. Finally, the garage sale becomes reasonable as Rick (Matthew Pohlkamp) wishes to buy all the Christmas stuff from the garage sale at a handsome amount.


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Marcia (Aryè Campos) in 'Deadly Garage Sale' (Lifetime)

After witnessing her brother's death, Trudee is filled with anger and decides to take an act of revenge on Marcia. She made it her smart move, as she first made Marcia a good friend of her and often visited her for dinners and hangouts. On the other hand, Marcia was falling in love with Rick, unknown of the fact that he is Peter and Trudee's father. Rick and Trudee together cleverly rob all the money from Marcia's bank account. In addition, Trudee took advantage of Evelyn Roger (Pascale Roger- McKeever) and Candice's fight by stabbing Rogers and leaving the evidence in opposition to Candice sending her behind bars. Trudee was making all possible efforts for messing Marcia's life. However, she was not aware that her brother died accidentally by falling down the stairs and Marcia didn't kill him.

A glimpse from 'Deadly Garage Sale' (Lifetime)

Nothing could have been even worse for Marcia to see Candice behind bars and couldn't arrange money to hire lawyers. Little or more, Marcia started getting hints from Trudee when she began living with her. Marcia was able to plot the revengeful Trudee, and with this, she started following Trudee and her activity. Marcia was near to the truth but got caught red-handed while recording Trudee and Rick's conversation about everything they planned and did to destroy her. 

Trudee (Juliana Destefano) in 'Deadly Garage Sale' (Lifetime)

Marcia also played clever. Apart from recording the video, she live-streamed it that surfaced on the internet and viewers immediately called the cops. Marcia saved her life and revealed the truth, and got her daughter released from prison. Dough Campbell perfectly directed the movie, and the creative writers, including Barbara, Arsenault, and Dough Campbell, have finely brought every scene. This Lifetime's Deadly edition movie is the perfect thriller movie to watch.