'Treat them better': Fans slam WakeOne as Kep1er gets economy seats after 'KCON 2022 LA' while TO1 flies business

'Treat them better': Fans slam WakeOne as Kep1er gets economy seats after 'KCON 2022 LA' while TO1 flies business
Fans point out the preferential treatment by WakeOne Entertainment toward TO1 over Kep1er after KCON 2022 LA (WakeOne Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The 2022 KCON in LA ended on August 21, 2022, with multiple K-pop groups in attendance. Since the event was hosted by the label CJ ENM, it was obvious for groups under one of their subsidiaries aka WakeOne Entertainment to attend the Korean concert in the United States. Kep1er made its debut from the Mnet survival show 'Girls Planet 999' under the label WakeOne and was co-managed with other groups like TO1 and Davichi.

Among the other groups managed by WakeOne Entertainment, Kep1er is their most successful and popular group at present. This is why Kep1ians (fans of Kep1er) are enraged by the alleged preferential treatment TO1 is receiving from the success and popularity of Kep1er. Fans say that the nine-member girl group has been overworked with schedules back-to-back but the label is not treating Kep1er when compared to TO1. With basic edits on their videos and low-budget variety shows in the past, Kep1ians complain that the girl group is made to travel in the economy, while TO1 members fly in business class.


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Kep1er Xiaoting complains of back pain after flying economy

It is no lie that Kep1er members have been working non-stop for the last eight months since their debut in January 2022. After the Top 9 members of the Mnet show finally made their debut, the girls released their debut album titled 'First Impact' on January 3 and followed that with a speedy second album 'Doublast' that was released on June 20. The girls have been promoting nonstop and also hosted an exceptional stage at the 2022 KCON in LA. On their way back, fans saw photos and messages from members that revealed that Kep1er was made to fly in economy seats. Photos from South Korea's Incheon Airport also showed Kep1er members carrying their own luggage.

In contrast, Kep1er fans noticed that TO1 members posted photos from their Business Class seats while their luggage was carried by the staff. Fans claimed that since the journey from Los Angeles to Incheon, South Korea, is 12.5 hours long approximately, Kep1er members also deserve better seats. Not only that but Xiaoting took to their fancafe to mention to fans that she was suffering from back pain after the long flight. With the schedule Kep1er has had in LA and the way the girl group did not get any costume changes or special treatment after the KCON, fans are slamming the label for being biased toward a boy group that is problematic not very popular.


'Make Ke1er overwork and use the money on MEN?'

Fans are extremely furious with WakeOne Entertainment for their preferential treatment of a boy group that is not very famous, while Kep1er suffers despite earning and giving to the label way more in comparison to TO1. One fan said, "Who knows maybe some To1 members are nice maybe they’re talented but I don’t f**king care because kep1er deserves better than that."

Another fan said, "A long a** flight they gave the nugu problematic bg business while kep1er got economy and it caused xiaoting back pain im gonna k1ll them slowly and painfully."

One fan said, "I’m so mad.....we thought kep1er was flying economy because the company overall was just not spending business on all of label artists...but it’s just kep1er...aka the group that is carrying the company. seeing these boys fly in business while KEP1ER (overworked) isn’t."

One fan said, "KEP1ER have to bring their own luggage, the trip from LA to korea is not fast,. after the kcon event they went straight to the airport to fly to korea,. when he arrived in Korea KEP1ER needed a break,. but is this KEP1ER carrying its own suitcase?"

Another fan said, "I don't hate to1 or anyone but their agency. if kep1er gets what they deserve, they might be bigger. their talent has been wasted by their own agency. At least give business class flights to kep1er like what to1 gets. they have worked hard but where is their hard work :) it's an 11 hour flight but imagine getting economy class flights."

One fan said, "Overwork kep1er to join queendom s**t and make them prepare a jp & kr at the same time just to use money for MEN?"

One more fan said, "I can't believe you overwork my girls and you're not even able to give them back what their efforts were worth. give them what they truly deserve, they deserve better."















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