ISAC 2022: Kep1er Xiaoting reminds fans of international ballroom dancing past with viral event

ISAC 2022: Kep1er Xiaoting reminds fans of international ballroom dancing past with viral event
Kep1er's Xiaoting goes viral for dance sports event (@official_kep1er, @shine_sxt/Twitter)

ISAC 2022 returned with a blast and fans couldn’t help but get excited. While the K-pop sports day was previously slammed for the risk it posed to idols with several severe injuries in the past, that doesn’t seem to be the case for its 2022 edition. Instead, we got several interactions from Itzy’s Ryujin messing around with Stray Kids to NCT’s Shotaro befriending other idols. We also had Kep1er’s Xiaoting going viral for her dance sports match as K-pop Twitter had rightfully guessed that she would ace it.

Representing China, Xiaoting was a ballroom dancer before her debut and had participated in international events for 9 years. She even had more than 50 trophies under her belt and had ranked #6 on a global level as a professional ballroom dancer which she revealed on ‘Girls Planet 999’. And so when ISAC 2022 shared that they were adding a dance sports match, everyone knew the Kep1er star would be participating and probably winning it. Which she did and more. 

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Xiaoting wins the dance sports event

For the female dance sports competition, we had Kep1er’s Xiaoting, Billlie’s Tsuki, Kwon Eunbi and NMIXX’s Sullyoon participating. As expected, Xiaoting came first with Tsuki being the runner-up. Well, a gold medal is not the only thing that the Kep1er member got as she also went viral on K-pop Twitter and South Korea. Several of her fancams amassed 3 million and 1 million views. Even a fancam of her rehearsal which she did in a tracksuit couldn’t hide her grace as it garnered over a million views. Xiaoting channelled her inner Audrey Hepburn as she started off with a skit inspired by ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and slowly danced to ‘Moon River’. Mid-way, she tore away her Tiffany dress to reveal a pink outfit and went all out to Maneskin’s ‘Beggin’.



‘Way too good for ISAC’

Knetz were impressed as they made comments like, “Look at her f*cking muscle... F*ck... I mean, if you're going to be talented, then don't have a nice body. I'm so freaking jealous of her…,” “Are you sure she wasn't invited for the celebratory performance?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's so freaking good…,” and “She's way too good for ISAC…” One fan tweeted, “I already expect xiaoting to get that 1st ,not shook🤣 congratulations to all.” Another fan posted, “It was over the moment she was announced to be participating.”

One fan wrote, “Xiaoting was the highlight of ISAC this year. She is such an incredible ballroom dancer and I'm so happy she got to show her skills once again.” Another Kep1ian shared, “SHE ATE AND LEFT NO CRUMBS.” Another observed, “More idol reactions to xiaoting dancing! not a single person with their mouth closed LMAO.” One joked, “When you’re joining the dance sport, but your opponent is THE shen xiaoting.” Another commented, “Should have just been dance sport category instead of female because she ended everyone.”








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