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KCON 2022 LA: Highlights from NMIXX, WJSN, NCT, The Boyz, and more at K-pop concert

As the US K-pop concert ends, here are some interactions and viral moments from Loona's Hyunjin and NCT's Chenle that took over Twitter
UPDATED AUG 22, 2022
Most viral moments featuring The Boyz, P1Harmony, Loona, WJSN, NCT Dream, STAYC and NMIXX from the 2022 KCON held in Los Angeles, California (@kconusa/Twitter)
Most viral moments featuring The Boyz, P1Harmony, Loona, WJSN, NCT Dream, STAYC and NMIXX from the 2022 KCON held in Los Angeles, California (@kconusa/Twitter)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: World's No 1 K-Culture Festival KCON 2022 LA finally kickstarted after a two-year hiatus and now has finally come to an end after three days. The show was held at the LA Convention Center and Arena in Los Angeles from August 19 to 21, and fans from Los Angeles attended the star-studded event in huge numbers. It was reported that not only American fans but fans of K-pop fom all over the world including regions like Japan, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania attended the event.

This year marks the 10th anniverysay of KCON and the event saw a decorated lineup of acts like NCT Dream, Stray Kids, NMIXX, STAYC, The Boyz, P1Harmony, Enyhpen, Cravity, LOONA over the course of of it's three-day run. The show was held in person in the US, but in order to entertain fans globally, the shows were streamed online which recorded about 7.08 million viewers from 176 countries and regions around the world.


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Highlights from the 2022 KCON in Los Angeles

The trending acts were the fourth-generation of K-pop at the 2022 KCON - where 'KCON Rookies' like Cravity, STAYC, Lightsome, and Japanese group TO1 made their debut at the K-pop in-person concert. The groups toured accross six cities in the United States for their 'KCON US TOUR'. Fourth-gen superstars Ateez, who are also KCON veterans, headlined the opening of KCON 2022 LA while Kep1er performed a special stage with 20 of their fans. JYP Entertainment's ITZY members Ryujin and Yeji shocked fans with their epic performance of 'Break My Heart Myself' with American pop star Bebe Rexha. 


Other than watching idol groups perform, the secondary aim of KCON 2022 LA was to promote the excellence of Hallyu (Korean Wave) content with events like K-Pop zone, K-Story one, K-Lifestyle zone among others. On the final day of KCON 2022 LA, CJ ENM's head celebrated the event by inviting more fans at the final leg of the KCON series in Tokyo, Japan. The last KCON 2022 LA show was attended by K-pop acts like Loona, NCT Dream, NMIXX, P1Harmony, STAYC, The Boyz, and WJSN. Here are some iconic moments captured by fans from the show that ended hours ago.  


Loona - Members of Loona took over the KCON LA show with their fan interactions but Orbits had the time of their lives. From perfroming on stage with the members to Yves giving a shoutout to the absent members of the girl group who missed the show due to health concerns. The show also saw a viral 'Girls Collaboration Stage' with Loona's Heejin and Hyunjin with NMIXX's Sullyoon and Kyujin, who covered Mamamoo's hit single, 'Decalcomania.' 




NMIXX - Aside from performing with Loona members, NMIXX trended for giving a shoutout to Seventeen with a performance of their hit single, 'Aju Nice' (Very Nice). 




STAYC - Members of STAYC shocked fans with their performance of Olivia Rodrigo's 'good 4 u' while fans swooned over members' reaction to "STAYC Girls it's going down."




WJSN - 'Queendom 2' winners, WJSN proved that they have the best fan interaction in the world at the KCON by blowing flying kisses to fans and recording themselves on fans' mobile phones.




NCT Dream - NCT Dream made their KCON in-person debut with the wildest moments - from Chele going viral for his vocals to Jeno trending over his exposed arms. The members threw roses for NCTzens in the audience that had fans hyperventialting.




P1Harmony - Aside from their interaction with members of The Boyz, P1Harmon had fans going feral over their performance of 'Do It Like This'. 




The Boyz - Members of The Boyz not only trended for their visuals and their performance with 'Maverick' but for interactions with fans as well as other groups at the final 'KCON 2022 LA' show. 





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