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Rookies Kep1er get music show win over TWICE's Nayeon, fans suspicious of KBS again

KBS being investigated for allegedly rigging 'Music Bank' for HYBE's new girl group Le Sserafim has TWICE fans suspicious of Kep1er's win
Kep1er win against Nayeon on KBS' 'Music Bank' (@official_kep1er, @JYPETWICE/Twitter)
Kep1er win against Nayeon on KBS' 'Music Bank' (@official_kep1er, @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

It has been 7 years, but we are finally getting solo projects from the TWICE members. Nayeon became the first of her group to make her solo debut with the lead single ‘POP’ that has already become all rage on social media. And Nayeon proved her mettle as an established artist by dominating charts domestically, as well as internationally. In fact, she made a record by becoming the first Korean soloist to be in the top 10 of the best-selling albums in USA by debuting at #7 with 55k pure sales in the first week. But Korean music show wins are another challenge.

Despite topping Gaon and being in the top 10 of VIBE, Bugs and #11 on MelOn, Nayeon lost on KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ to rookie girl group Kep1er’s ‘Up’. While music show wins do not translate into success, K-pop labels give much importance to it, which is why fans do their best to help artists win. The TWICE star lost by 561 points and for the social media score, she got 1 point. ‘POP’ got 49 million YouTube views in a week while Kep1er got 25 million for ‘Up’ music video. The group's ‘Music Bank’ performance had 695k views while Nayeon amassed 3.1 million views. With KBS being investigated for allegedly rigging a win for HYBE’s new girl group Le Sserafim against million-seller Lim Young-woong, fans are suspicious.

Police get involved in Le Sserafim rigged 'Music Bank' win, fans say: ‘HYBE dug their grave’

Nayeon gets fabulous for solo music video ‘POP’, fans say ‘Sharpay Evans from TWICE’

TWICE and Kep1er fans clash over KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ win

Kep1er fans are angry that TWICE fans think that there is some foul play as their label Wake One is not as big as HYBE to rig a music show win. They also brought back the low ranks of Kep1er on survival show ‘Queendom 2’ hosted by Mnet, the very channel that formed the girl group and shared that if they did not rig a survival show which was bigger than a music show, there was no reason to be suspicious. Nayeon’s fans on the other hand are trying to clarify that they are not dragging Kep1er but are angry at KBS.


‘Nayeon was robbed’

We had some Knetizens making comments like, “But what happened with Nayeon's SNS points? Why does Nayeon only have 1 point...?” “How does Nayeon only have 1 point for SNS? She's doing quite well on Youtube though.” and “Mubank should just remove the ranking overall if they're going to do things like that seriously.” A TWICE fan tweeted, “Keplians, please let us rant, it is rigged and nayeon was robbed, we do not hate kepler, but kbs. we dont want fight, we want justice.” Another said, “Idrc about the broadcast score (its sus too) cause its like a attendance award but how did ny only got 1 sns point, that team is not that popular nor their social media hype is big but somehow they managed to beat ny aka the centre of one of the leading ggs like OK?!?? Rigged.”

One fan joked, “Why does [Loona’s] yves look more upset than nayeon herself.” Another observed that even Kep1er was surprised, “THEY CLEARLY DIDNT EXPECT THAT WIN EITHER BC LOOK AT THEIR FACES 😭 YOUNGEUN EVEN GESTURED TO NAYEON.” A ONCE explained, “That's the reason why we are angry in sns category nayeon is leading, in youtube she has more views even it's only 3 day tracking, in tiktok 2 POP! audio surpassed 100k videos so it doesn't makes sense that she only get 1, so fyi SNS is YouTube & Tiktok.”






However Kep1er fans are trying to clarify, “The tracking time for music bank is june 20-26 and nayeon debut day was june 24 if i wasn’t wrong. it DOES make sense that kep1er accumulated more points because they came back on june 20 so please i dont want to see anyone questioning kep1er’s win !” Another claimed, “Its funny how onces are claiming it was rigged when wakeone does notttt care enough to buy a win like 😭if they could hardly spend money on the girls during debut and queendom why would they buy them a win for their first comeback.” A Kep1ian joked, “What makes you think wakeone would spend money to rig the result when kep1er literally filmed their DEBUT mv in this dumpster.”




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