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Are the VMAs rigged? BTS fans claim MTV VIOLATED eligibility rules by nominating Blackpink as 'Group of the Year'

MTV VMAs released the 'Group of The Year' nominees list that included Blackpink who had no new releases from June 2021 to 2022
ARMYs slam MTV VMAs and call the award show rigged for nominating Blackpink for 'Group Of The Year' alongside BTS despite having no releases in the eligibility period (@vmas/Twitter)
ARMYs slam MTV VMAs and call the award show rigged for nominating Blackpink for 'Group Of The Year' alongside BTS despite having no releases in the eligibility period (@vmas/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: K-pop and fan wars go hand in hand but the biggest rivalry of all time has to be between two of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. With Blackpink recently making a comeback with their highly anticipated pre-release single, 'Pink Venom', fans of the girl group have been having the time of their lives. August is indeed Blackpink's month as the girl group who celebrated its sixth debut anniversary this month has now made a chart-topping comeback with 'Pink Venom' which has defeated BTS' June release 'Yet To Come' by surpassing 86+ million views on YouTube within the first 24 hours of its release.

On August 20, a day after Blackpink's comeback it was announced that Blackpink has been nominated for the title of 'Group of the Year' at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). The award show released other nominations for the same category which includes BTS among other international acts. With Blackpink and BTS being nominated for the same category despite the girl group being on a hiatus with no new release from October of 2020, ARMYs (fans of BTS) are claiming that the VMAs are "rigged" as MTV violated their own eligibility criteria.


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ARMYs slams MTV VMAs for ignoring eligibility criteria

According to MTV, the eligibility criteria for being nominated for an award at the 2022 VMAs applies only to music acts that released new music over the last year. Fans state that by including Blackpink who has been on a hiatus for almost two years, the award show is violating its own rules of including releases from July 2021 to June 2022 as nominees. Some fans claim that Blackpink only bagged nominations at the show because they were going to attend the Video Music Awards as performers. The Blackpink virtual reality show, 'The Virtual,' which was released on July 23 this year, was still nominated for the 'Best Metaverse Performance' award that also goes outside the eligibility period.


'VMAs never beating the rigged allegations'

Fans are slamming the award show for being partial and nominating Blackpink only because they were attending the show. One fan said, "I didn’t know you can be nominated without releasing anything in the eligibility period." One more fan said, "Gonna drop here. Isn't it unfair to other groups that have been active with the stated dates? Make it sense vmas." Another fan said, "Vmas is gonna be attendance award don't be surprised.. we all know what they planning to tbh." One fan responded, "C'mon they can keep best metaverse but best group.. we all know who deserves it." One fan said, "they can choose the winners. Sponsor reserves the right to select the winners at its discretion and may take into consideration the number of votes received by a Nominee up until the time of the interruption or cancelation of the voting process." One fan said, "I want vma to be more transparent abt the votes we dont know the results could be rigged."

Another said, "Ugh this kind of behavior is disgusting." One fan said, "It's so humiliating for that group and their shameless fanbase. I hope they don't think they earned it. But yeah they're used to it anyways. Riding on bts' success has been their goal since day 1." One more fan said, "They were just waiting for them to release the song today???" One fan said, "This is rigged for sure...I will be not surprised if bts don't get this award this year...vma is doing sh!t." One more fan said, "I had low expectations from VMA's but damn bitch! Could this get anymore rigged? What even is the eligibility criteria for this? Damn if someone else wins over our boys I'mma lose it." Another fan said, "VMA's about to be another AAA in american award show just like what happen in PCA another rigged award show."













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