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Dongkiz fans recognize DKZ's 3 new members from Jaechan’s K-drama 'Semantic Error'

The K-pop boy group Dongkiz rebrands themselves as DKZ and adds new members
UPDATED MAR 28, 2022
Dongkiz adds 3 new members Sehyeon, Mingyu and Giseok (@dkz_dy/Instagram)
Dongkiz adds 3 new members Sehyeon, Mingyu and Giseok (@dkz_dy/Instagram)

It looks like the 2020s are for second chances. After T-ARA and Brave Girls, Dongkiz is yet another underrated K-pop group that is finally getting the recognition they deserve. While the boy group has been active since 2018, they had yet to make their mark in the K-pop industry. However, that changed after member Jaechan starred in the explosive BL (boy love) K-drama ‘Semantic Error’. While his label was afraid of the backlash since South Korea is still a conservative country, the show was an instant hit with the general public then looking into Jaechan’s idol career and his group.

Semantic Error’ topped the most-watched Korean content on OTT platforms, beating the likes of Netflix Korea. At the same time, Dongkiz’s 2020 song ‘Lupin’ and ‘Crazy Night’ has caught the attention of Knetizens that had led them to chart on reputable Korean music charts like Bugs and Genie. ‘Lupin’ even crossed 1 million Spotify streams while Dongkiz’s albums are finally being sold out. But we are also seeing some new changes as the K-pop group changed their name to DKZ and added new members.

'Semantic Error' popularity brings success for Dongkiz, fans happy for 'famous era'

Why did Dongkiz change group name to DKZ? 3 new members set to join after Wondae's exit


DKZ adds 3 new members

Old and new fans were surprised when Dongkiz’s label, Dongyo explained that they would be changing the group’s name to DKZ just days after their chart reversal. They also added that there will be some changes in the lineup. While Dongkiz had debuted with five members, leader Wondae has left. In the meantime, Munik who was also on hiatus with Wondae due to health issues is still in the group but will not be participating in the latest comeback as he has yet to recover. And three new members have been added to the group.


While Dongkiz, now known as DKZ has a total of seven members, only six will be participating in their upcoming album release. The new three members were introduced to fans on March 28. The three new boys are Sehyeon, Giseok and Mingyu. All three members have had cameos in Jaechan's drama ‘Semantic Error’. Mingyu had been a trainee at JTG and almost debuted with the new rookie boy group JWIIVER. Giseok is the youngest member as he is born in 2004. Along with the original members, Jaechan, Kyunghoon and Jonghyung, DKZ will release their sixth single album ‘Chase Episode 2. MAUM’ on April 12.

'Good way to start the day'

Fans noticed that all three new members had done cameos in ‘Semantic Error’, “Omgggg so most of the new members are extras in semantic error ?? waaah.” One fan commented, “BRUH SO UR TELLING ME IM OLDER THAN THIS KID 😭😭 wth am I doing with ny life.” Another joked, “Me:  There won't be new bias!!! you can do it! Mingyu, giseok,sehyeon -.” With a Seventeen member having the same name as DKZ’s Mingyu, one fan said, “If dkz mingyu's full name is also kim mingyu, now korea is going to have another 'kim kibum' moment .” Another posted, “Omo omo omo, I woke up and I see this - A good way to start the day! I am so excited for the comeback now!!”