After Seohan, Heejun departs from KNK while Inseong announces enlistment

With Heejun, KNK sees a third member exit from the group while member Inseong announces his military enlistment

                            After Seohan, Heejun departs from KNK while Inseong announces enlistment
220 Entertainment revealed that KNK's Inseong will enlist in the military in February 2022 while Heejun (insert pic) departs from the group (@KNKOfficial220/Twitter)

A lot has been going on with the now three-member K-pop group KNK as another member has now announced his departure from the group. The group KNK debuted as a six-member boy band under the label YNB Entertainment in the year 2016. Within two years of their debut, five KNK members announced their decision to depart from their original label while moving on to the label 220 Entertainment with the exception of member Youjin.

While the five members of KNK continued their musical journey as of January 2019, member Seoham announced that he would be terminating his activities with KNK and that the group would be a four-piece K-pop act as of September 2021. Now months after Seoham’s departure from KNK, 220 Entertainment, the label that manages the group announced that another member, Heejun had decided to leave the group.


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Heejun departs from KNK

In an official statement released on January 13 from 220 Entertainment the label that manages KNK revealed that Oh Hee-jun will depart from the group after much deliberation. In their statement, 220 Entertainment stated that “After a long conversation, Oh Hee-jun who debuted with the group KNK in 2016 and signed with 220 Entertainment in 2018 chose against renewing his contract with 220 Entertainment.”

It was also revealed by the label that Hee-jun has now chosen to promote independently leaving the group KNK. 220 Entertainment stated that Oh Hee-jun had decided not to renew his contract and to end his group activities as a member of KNK. The label then stated, “We sincerely thank all the fans who have supported Oh Hee-jun during this time.” Heejun continued his activities with KNK for a period of six years since they made their debut in 2016 with the single album, 'Knock'.


KNK’s Inseong announces his enlistment

While KNK’s Heejun becomes the third member of the originally six-member group to depart from KNK, leaving the group as a trio, Inseong shares more sad news with fans of KNK. In the same statement released by 220 Entertainment, the label mentioned that Inseong, the main vocalist of KNK has decided to enlist in the military as of February 8 this year.

220 Entertainment reported that, unlike Heejun, Inseong has chosen to stick with KNK and promote as a member of the group after he completes his enlistment and returns back home after his discharge in 2023. After Heejun’s departure from KNK, the group will be left with three members, namely Inseong, Jihun, and Dongwon. 

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