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Did TWICE's Chaeyoung get a tattoo of BOOBS? K-pop fans say 'an icon'

While Knetizens were horrified, TWICE fans were amused with the K-pop idol's new tattoo reveal
TWICE's Chaeyoung gets a tattoo of a mermaid (JYPETWICE, OctLovelyStar/Twitter)
TWICE's Chaeyoung gets a tattoo of a mermaid (JYPETWICE, OctLovelyStar/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It looks like it is 'show your tattoo' day in the K-pop world. After Monsta X Jooheon's tattoo debut, we got TWICE's Chaeyong surprising everyone. During their debut days, no one could have guessed Chaeyoung would be the TWICE member with the most tattoos. She already has 10 tattoos and they just keep increasing every time fans see her. However, her latest tattoo has shocked many as it consists of a body of a naked woman whose boobs are visible.

While idols and fans love tattoos, South Korea frowns upon them. The general public has negative assumptions of anyone with tattoos. Even BTS' Jungkook, one of the biggest stars of the country has to cover up his tattoos during public schedules. It is often hidden or blurred out during television broadcasts and those with tattoos are not allowed at saunas, spas or bathhouses unless they cover it. And so, with TWICE's Chaeyoung getting this tattoo right on her arm, Knetizens were horrified. 


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TWICE's Chaeyoung gets tattoo of boobs

This has just amused international fans who were impressed with Chaeyoung's gall to not only get a tattoo but an explicit one at that. It should be noted that South Korea is also pretty conservative and has yet to go a long way when it comes to LGBTIQ+ rights as many see homosexuality as unnatural. However, It looks like that did not stop the TWICE star. Chaeyoung's latest tattoo on her bicep is of a chained mermaid whose boobs are visible. While she got the tattoo sometime ago, it was only on September 3 that fans got HD pictures of it when she raised her hand to wave. 


'No longer only pixels'

An impressed fan tweeted, "Ok hear me out chaeyoung is so cool i want to be her or i want her idk but damn shes an icon." Another ONCE (TWICE fan) joked, "Chaeyoung having boobs on her arm yeah she’s just like me." Another brought back an antis comment, "Chaeyoung got somebody's daughters boobs tattooed on her Eu sempre lembro disso KKKKKKKKKKKKK."

One fan added, "Chaeyoung's boobs tattoo is no longer only pixels, never thought id see the day..." Another ONCE shared, "Well that's sus Chae ;)." One made a reaction meme, "Twice when they get a glance at chaeyoung’s arm tattoo of some random girl’s boobs."







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