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Did Monsta X Jooheon get a tattoo to hide a scar? Fans go crazy as his abs debut at Seoul concert

Fans were amused that even the boy band had no clue that the rapper ripped his shirt off on stage
Monsta X's Jooheon gets a tattoo on his abs leaving Monbebes drooling (OfficialMonstaX, DANJANG_PIC/Twitter)
Monsta X's Jooheon gets a tattoo on his abs leaving Monbebes drooling (OfficialMonstaX, DANJANG_PIC/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Monsta X has become the next K-pop group to embark on their world tour in the post-Covid-19 era. After South Korea struggled back to a certain normal, we have had more and more in-person events including award shows and concerts. Well, Monsta X held a 3-day Seoul concert pf their ‘No Limit’ world tour and Jooheon aka Joohoney took everyone by surprise by showing his rippling abs and a new tatto at the same time.

While Monsta X are considered ‘monsters’ or ‘beasts’ of K-pop, everyone’s favorite dimpled rapper has been quite shy when it comes to going shirtless. There have been several inside jokes from Jooheon drawing on abs on paper when asked to show them to panicking when other groups had dared Monsta X to lift up their shirts during a music show. He had gone shirtless once during their second world tour but that had been it. However, for the last few years, he has been doing crossfit and teasing fans with glimpses of his bulked-up body from the gym.


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Jooheon gets a tattoo on his abs

Well, at the Monsta X Seoul concert that began on September 2, we witnessed several iconic moments from Hyungwon's 'Wildfire' stage that hit different with his short hair to all of the members dancing to Minhyuk's chaotic trot song 'Ongshimi' and Shownu attending. But no one, including his own members, could have guessed that for Jooheon's solo performance, he would be ripping off his shirt. While performing 'Voices', at the end of his performance, Jooheon shocked everyone by ripping off his shirt and revealing his abs for the first time while also debuting his first tattoo of a bird with wings. 


With the tatto is right right above his navel, many think he is covering a scar. The two times he did end up showing his stomach, fans noticed that he had a red line above his navel. If that is true, he is not the first Monsta X member to cover a scar creatively. Back in 2017, when Minhyuk got surgery done on his knee, he got a huge whale tattoo to cover up the scar. Whether Jooheon got the tattoo to cover a scar or not, fans have lost it completely.


'Single-handedly broke Monbebes'

Thirsty Monbebes (Monsta X's fandom) went crazy on Twitter. One tweeted, "Good morning to Jooheon’s closer look of his tattoo." With Jooheon known to sulk easily, everyone found his reaction to his members not knowing about his stage hilarious as one tweeted, "The members didn’t know jooheon ripped his top during his solo stage??!!!!! 😭😭😭😭jooheon in disbelief members' reaction." Another fan added, "Lee jooheon single-handedly broke monbebes two days in a row."

One fan begged, "Lee jooheon. please." Another joked, "Jooheon speak on the mic is the tattoo real REAL or are those a freebie from a bubble gum i need to know fren." With Jooheon's tattoo being similar to Mexican motifs, Mexican Monbebes have adopted him, with one saying, "I said it's the eagle of the coat of arms of Mexico, Jooheon Mexicano."







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