Monsta X 'Shape of Love': Release date, tracks, concept and all about new mini-album

Monsta X 'Shape of Love': Release date, tracks, concept and all about new mini-album
Monsta X members for the Everything concept of their 11th mini-album, 'Shape of Love' (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

With all five members of the boy group testing positive for Covid-19 their comeback had to be postponed but now it seems like the Monsta X members have defeated the virus and now are ready to release their 11th mini-album, 'Shape of Love' with six tracks in the days to come. The five active members of the group have been booked-and-busy. Monsta X released their 10th EP, 'No Limit' in November of 2021 and now five months after their last comeback, the boys are ready for a new album once again as five members.


On the other hand, member Kihyun also made a successful solo debut with the EP, 'Voyager' in March soon after which it was also revealed that Monsta X was going to headline their US concert. Soon after the release of 'Shape of Love', the five member boy group has also announced a three day Seoul concert titled, ‘MX Agent’ which will be held at Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium on April 29, April 30, and May 1.



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Release Date

Monsta X will release their 11th mini-album 'Shape of Love' on April 26 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).  


How to Listen

The album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


1. 'Love' 
2. 'Burning Up' (Ft. R3HAB)
3. 'Breathe'
4. 'Wildfire'
5. 'Love You' (사랑한다)
6. 'And'

Not much has been released about the tracks on this album, but it has been revealed that the track 'Love' is produced by Jooheon which contains the message of his dedication. It aims to show that Monsta X is trying to give their all without hiding their childlike feelings. While this album is about the different kinds of love members experience, one of them being, the love that they have for fans. 




The boys of Monsta X released concept photos of the various concepts for their upcoming mini-album. For this comeback, Monsta X has announced four unique concepts for this album including Love, Originality, Vibe and Everything versions for their upcoming album. In the most recently released concept photos for the Vibe version, members Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M (Changkyun) all appeared to have perfectly digested a luxurious visual with an embroidered silk robe. The members appeared to radiate a languid sexiness and made fans curious about what is in store for the upcoming album.


With Minhyuk and Hyungwon dressed in white emphasizing a clean and bright visual, members Kihyun and I.M radiated a chic image with navy outfits. On the other hand, Jooheon created a perfect balance for the team by wearing a jacket with a sensual combination of both colors. With this mini-album, Monsta X is aiming to express various forms of love, including that of the members' love for music, themselves as well as of their fans.




Monsta X will drop the teaser for their 11th mini-album, 'Shape of Love', on April 24 ahead of the official release of the album.


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