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Did V-Jennie hacker target Blackpink's Jisoo? Gurumi Haribo releases unseen photo from Paris Dior show

The unseen image of Jisoo was leaked in Gurumi Haribo's Telegram group chat
V-Jennie hacker Gurumi Haribo has now targeted Blackpink's Jisoo (@sooyaaa__/instagram)
V-Jennie hacker Gurumi Haribo has now targeted Blackpink's Jisoo (@sooyaaa__/instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Twitter and Telegram user Gurumi Haribo seems to have now targeted K-pop band Blackpink. While they allegedly leaked private pictures of rumored couple BTS V and Blackpink Jennie, it appears that Jisoo was next in line. An unseen image of Jisoo was leaked in the alleged hacker's Telegram group chat. Twelve hours later, the K-pop idol posted the same picture of her at the Dior fashion show in Paris causing a stir all over the internet. The image was extremely identical to the one leaked by Gurumi Haribo. 

The infamous user captioned the previously unseen image of Jisoo with, “Hey everyone, I know that many of you doubt me and wild rumors are everywhere. I have been told that Jisoo is somebody who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person. She is not involved with Taehyung in any kind. However, she may help us to see the truth.”

“So please, Jisoo, if you get this message, please post this unseen picture as a sign that you know Jennie and Taehyung are hanging out and you (among others) cannot speak about this. Thank you”.


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Does Gurumi Haribo have access to Jisoo's phone?

Jisoo posted the same image on her official Instagram account just 12 hours later, which appeared to confirm Gurumi Haribo's words that K-pop idols V and Jennie are hanging out. After the release of the image on Jisoo's social media, the alleged leaker spoke again, “Thanks Jisoo! Everything that I post is the truth. Now wait until we find out about The IDOLs Dyanne.” The statement not only twists Jisoo's actions but also finds the leaker claiming Jennie's character to be called 'Dyanne' in the upcoming show 'The Idol'.

However, this act of breaching the idols' privacy has raised a very pertinent question: If the hacker has access to their phones? After a reverse image search, it was evident that no production agencies posted the picture and the picture belonged only to Jisoo and was presumably taken from her phone. In September, a selfie featuring Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa got leaked. But fans did not pay much heed because the image was extensively blurry. It appears that the hacker has access to the K-pop idols' phones. However, It could also be an act by a staff member. Both HYBE and YG Entertainment have sealed their lips on the matter. 


Gurumi Haribo message
Gurumi Haribo message

Fans side with Blackpink's Jisoo 

A fan of BP tweeted, "Its so damn obvious gh has nothing concrete on taennie and is using any leaks they do have to confirm an entirely unrelated relationship. Explain how knowing jisoo's ig promo content & hbo cast names correlates to idols dating? Even the narrative they had to come up for jisoo". Another said, "Be serious, Jisoo a worldwide star would be in a groupchat with a 16 yo minor who leaks nude pictures of her friend".

A Twitter user is blaming the hacker completely for twisting Jisoo's actions, "The fact that she got a leak of jisoo's new post and tried to manipulate her minions into believing her edits says alot, if she is honest about anything she claimed about taennie she would've posted an authentic photo of them. Don't let her manipulate you." A fan pointed fingers at Jisoo's staff for the leaked photo, "Yall who the fck leak jisoo photo bodygaurd? Manager? Stylist?".





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