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Is Blackpink's 'Born Pink' an English album? Billboard confusion has K-pop fans dragging them

Blackpink fails to debut on the international chart World Albums Chart despite topping Billboard 200
Blackpink tops Billboard 200 with 'Born Pink' (@ygent_official/Twitter)
Blackpink tops Billboard 200 with 'Born Pink' (@ygent_official/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: With there being immense competition in K-pop, fans of individual groups fight to get worldwide success and recognition. This is evident with the way Blinks (Blackpink's fandom) were proud when Blackpink became the first K-pop girl group to get a double million-seller album and top Billboard 200 with 'Born Pink'. However, now other K-pop fans are disregarding their charting due to confusion that has the Internet believing that Billboard has classified 'Born Pink' as an English album and not a Korean album. 

Before Blackpink, we had BTS, SuperM and Stray Kids as the only K-pop acts to top Billboard 200. Well, fans of these three groups and boy group fans have gone on to gatekeep the chart from Blackpink as they claim these three boy groups are the only acts to top Billboard 200 with a Korean album. Many are downplaying Blackpink's achievement claiming that they topped with an English album on a Western chart. We also have TWICE fans claiming that now they are the only girl group to have multiple Korean albums in the top 3 of the chart.


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Blackpink's 'Born Pink' fails to debut on international Billboard chart

This confusion follows as Blackpink's 'Born Pink' failed to debut anywhere on the international chart Billboard World Albums. The chart takes a look at the top 15 albums that are not English or released by American acts but have done well digitally and with physical sales in the US. With Blackpink topping several other Billboard charts including the main one -- Billboard 200, fans are asking for clarification as to why 'Born Pink' failed to debut on the World Albums Chart.

'Born Pink' has four out of eight songs that are in English. To defend Blackpink against other K-pop fans who are dragging the girl group, Blinks pointed out that Italian rock band Maneskin had five out of six tracks and they still ranked at #4 on the World Album Chart. If that wasn't enough, Blackpink's previous album 'The Album' had also debuted on the chart despite similarly having four out of eight tracks being in English. With no official statement from Billboard as to if 'Born Pink' is an English album or not, K-pop fans are clashing with Blinks.

'Make it make sense'

A user said, "They were dragging 3 BTS English songs for years just for Billboard to announce the whole damn Bornpink Album as an English Album LMFAOOOOO." Another user claimed, "Billboard now officially mark Born pink as an english album. Therefore, BTS superm and skz are the only acts in BB200 history to achieve #1 korean album." One pointed out, "The way the billboard charts is most likely a glitch but twice fanbases took the initiative & cofirmed THEMSELVES that Billboard really classified Born Pink an english album so they can have achievements to tweet about."




However, a Blink asked, "This album literally has 6 english songs and only 1 song in foreign language @billboardcharts @billboard can you explain why BORN PINK by BLACKPINK didn't debut on Billboard World Albums Chart this week?" Another shared, "Hello @billboard
can you clarify why is Blackpink new album Born Pink didn’t chart in the world album chart? it has 4 Korean songs & 4 English songs just like their previous album The Album which still charting in the said chart. Please Explain." One Blink claimed, "@billboard trying to sabotage us like everyone else but what is new born pink is a KOREAN-ENGLISH album (4 korean songs, 4 non), and after all those #1’s we didn’t debut on world albums chart like? make it make sense because it just doesn’t."




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