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How to watch Taehyung's radio broadcast? Special DJ BTS V joins 'Kim Eana's Starry Night'

Fan rejoice over 'booked and busy' BTS V after he bags a radio show appearace soon after his Vogue magazine photoshoot
DJ Taehyung will soon make his radio broadcast debut with ballad singer, Park Hto-shin for a special broadcast on MBC's 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' (@thv; @parkhyoshin.official/Instagram; Weverse/BTS
DJ Taehyung will soon make his radio broadcast debut with ballad singer, Park Hto-shin for a special broadcast on MBC's 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' (@thv; @parkhyoshin.official/Instagram; Weverse/BTS

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It is never a dull moment when it comes to the BTS fandom and there is always something for fans to look forward to. When it was initially announced that the septet was going to be on a hiatus to focus on their solo careers, fans wondered what the new chapter of BTS would look like. Now, three months into Chapter 2 of BTS, there has been an influx of activities from the members as soloists as well as a group that ARMYs (fans of BTS) can't seem to catch a break.

So is the case for BTS' deep voiced 'Winter Bear' V (Kim Taehyung) who will soon fulfil his dream of becoming a radio host with a special appearance on Kim Eana's radio show, 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' with his friend and Korean Balad singer, Park Hyo-shin. South Korean lyricist, Kim Eana initally made a statement revealing that she worked on new songs with V and fans were sure that the BTS member was going to make his solo debut. However, that dream of fans has not been manifested yet but fans of the singer will soon be able to see V on an actual radio show as 'DJ Taehyung'.


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BTS V joins Park Hyo-shin to become a special DJ

On September 27, it was announced that BTS V will appear on the radio broadcast, 'Kim Eana's Starry Night', as a special DJ (Host) for two nights. The main host of the show, Kim Eana who is currently on vacation has been temporarily replaced on her show by Balleder Park Hyo-shin. He has been hosting the show as a special DJ from September 26 with his final broadcast being on October 2. It has now been revealed that BTS V will join his friend on the show as a special guest.

Fans have known that BTS V and Park Hyo-shin are close friends which is why fans believe that the ballad singer, who publicly admires the BTS member will have amazing chemistry at the radio broadcast. The episodes featuring BTS V as a special DJ on 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' with Park Hyo-shin will br broadcast at 10 pm KST (9 am ET) on MBC Standard FM. The episode of 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' featuring BTS V will have a delayed video release on the YouTube channel - MBC Radio with English subtitles. Timings of the video release are yet to be revealed. 


'Tae is booked and busy'

Fans have been extremely excited for V to be on the radio show as they claim that the BTS member is booked and busy. One fan said, "Tete FM tomorrow. RADIO DJ TAEHYUNG." Another fan said, "Tete FM tomorrow. RADIO DJ TAEHYUNG." One more fan said, "RADIO DJ TAEHYUNG and his deep voice on radio soon." One fan said, "Hyoshin: bro pls come and be our DJ for two days. Taehyung: hold on i think i got a suit for that." Another fan said, "WE’RE ALSO BOOKED AND BUSY! THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW TAE STANS."

One more fan said, "Christmas tree was included in the song playlist with special DJ Park Hyoshin on MBC radio’s starry night. He mentioned that taehyung was texting and listening to the radio as well." One fan said, "Tae is so booked and busy like woah everyone wants him." Another fan said, "ARMY have been talking about wanting to hear me on radio, so i want to try some deejaying on the radio too" ㅡ 220919, Kim Taehyung In Vogue Interview. What taehyung wants, taehyung gets."









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