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Did hacker Gurumiharibo speak to YG? Fans ask if Jennie is blackmailed as Blackpink photos leaked

While Gurumiharibo stopped, more photos have been leaked that are allegedly of Jennie and BTS' V who are currently embroiled in a dating rumor
Jennie is being targeted by hackers and Blackpink have been dragged in as well as fans wonder if their iCloud is hacked (@jennierubyjane/Instagram, @BLACKPINK/Twitter)
Jennie is being targeted by hackers and Blackpink have been dragged in as well as fans wonder if their iCloud is hacked (@jennierubyjane/Instagram, @BLACKPINK/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Things are getting scary in K-pop Twitter as fans think the latest leaked photos of BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie are real and not edited. This argument has further been strengthened as photos of Blackpink as a group have also been leaked which have many wondering if Jennie’s iCloud has been hacked. Even if the photos are edited, the original source photos are not public which has some wondering if a hacker or a close friend sold the photos to an editor. We also had the hacker Gurumiharibo claiming that they had spoken to Blackpink’s label YG.

Back in May, we got the first dating rumor between BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie as two photos claimed it was the idols in Jeju. In August we suddenly got a barrage of alleged couple photos of the two by user Gurumiharibo. While the first four photos were edited, on September 2, a new hacker/s shared screenshots of Jennie’s iCloud and also leaked photos of other Blackpink members like Jisoo and Lisa when they were recently in New York for the VMAs 2022. 


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A new hacker takes over Gurumiharibo

Turns out there was a Telegram group chat with Gurumiharibo where the hacker had said that they would stop leaking more photos since they had allegedly spoken to Blackpink’s label, YG. Many had wondered if they were blackmailing Jennie and trying to extort money. In the alleged message, Gurumiharibo says, “I am not kidding with you, this is very dangerous for you people. I myself am somewhat safe but you can’t handle YG trust me.” In more screenshots of the chat, the hacker is then seen saying that their leaked V-Jennie photos were edits and fake.


The person who leaked the fourth photo of BTS' V kissing Jennie’s head was also claimed to be edited by Gurumiharibo. But there might be some truth to the dating rumor as the new leaked photos have fans worried. The latest hacker released several photos that could have been taken from the Blackpink members’ iClouds if they are not edited. In one, Jennie is allegedly FaceTiming BTS’ V. A second photo is a selfie allegedly with Blackpink’s Lisa and Jisoo.

A lawyer explains why no statement from HYBE and YG Entertainment now could be in the best interest of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie (@theh0ttea/Twitter; @jennierubyjane, @thv/Instagram)
The fourth and last photo leaked from Gurumiharibo's side was said to be edited (@theh0ttea/Twitter; @jennierubyjane, @thv/Instagram)

There are also photos of Blackpink’s latest New York trip from airport selfies to photos in front of the Liberty statue. Another photo is supposed of V at Jennie’s mother’s house and the photo also includes her pet cat. With Gurumiharibo claiming that they had spoken to YG and would stop posting more edited photos, fans wonder if the new hacker is legit and has truly hacked Blackpink’s phones. Most users on the internet now believe that the dating rumor between V and Jennie is true but don’t care about it. Instead, they are worried about the idols’ privacy and are requesting their labels to take legal action.

'Freaking scary'

Some are wondering if Blackpink is being blackmailed which is why it is taking YG time to take action. Knetz left comments like, “BP's phones seem all unsafe right now, they should make their iCloud safer,” “But the pictures that are getting leaked are freaking scary... Does the hacker even know they're committing a crime right now…,” and said “Being in a relationship is not a crime. I don't understand why people are making a big fuss out of it.”

One user asked why some fans were trying hard to prove the photos were fake which would just provoke the hackers if they were indeed real, “They also try so hard to debunk it and say it was photoshopped. they literally just trigger the hackers to release more.” Another added,” I like how we're pretending the companies don't know. What you want a play by play of exactly how they're solving it so the hackers can cover their footprints or do something worse? I don't understand what you want either of their companies to say.”



One was worried, “Seriously this is already out of control, practically its personal information is in the hands of who knows what and who knows what they can do with it, I don't know what the agencies expect to take action against this.” Even non-fans left comments like, “Not fans of them but I feel bad for them , hacking someone phones is a crime!” Another added, “It is pretty scary :( because if the photos are real, it is either they get it from jennie private acc and her close friends leak it-- or someone just hack her account and want to blackmail the couple/company hence the big watermark.. i cant imagine being an idol 🥲 stressful.”




One guessed, “Nah, because if there were edited these blackpink iCloud shouldn’t be going around. Yg and hybe definitely paid the person to say its edited, but now more pictures are out and not only taehyung’s.. this is scary. We shouldn’t be fighting abt this… but protect bp and tae instead.” But another fan wondered, “Yall if those ppl really had access to her iCloud acc they’d have posted more clear pics cuz you cant convince me two ppl dating won’t have more decent pics that these, literally a ss from a FaceTime is all whats there assuming if that was real?” One shared, “Whether they are dating or not and yg/hybe dont want to say anything is up to them esp yg since when yg confirm datinh news?but for both agency to keep silent when seriously both their artist private pic are under hacker probably even under blackmail is really f**k up.”




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