VMAs 2022: Blackpink cheers Lisa for her win as first K-pop soloist, fans say 'love them'

VMAs 2022: Blackpink cheers Lisa for her win as first K-pop soloist, fans say 'love them'
Blackpink cheers as member Lisa wins a VMA (Arturo Holmes/Getty Images, MTV)

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY: The MTV Video Music Awards 2022 was a big night for K-pop as we had BTS making a new record by being awarded ‘Group of the Year’ four times in a row. We also had Seventeen become the first K-pop act to win ‘Best Push Performance of the Year’. Another K-pop act that was acknowledged at the VMAs 2022 was Blackpink as they took home two awards. Fans were proud as member Lisa also made a record by becoming the first K-pop soloist to win a ‘moon man’ at the award show.

Blinks (Blackpink’s fans) were first excited when it was announced that the girls were nominated in three categories – ‘Group of the Year’, ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ and Lisa for ‘Best K-pop’. Blackpink also became the first K-pop girl group to perform at the award show as they stormed the stage with their new hit single ‘Pink Venom’ at the VMAs 2022. They won the metaverse award for their collaborative stage with PUBG, ‘The Virtual’. Meanwhile, Lisa won ‘Best K-pop’ for her solo debut single ‘Lalisa’ which had taken over the K-pop industry back in 2021 as she had broken several records.

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Lisa becomes first K-pop soloist to win at VMAs 2022

While the MTV VMAs has been honoring Western artists, for the last few years they have branched out to acknowledge international artists. The ‘Best K-pop’ category was introduced in 2019 with BTS winning for the first three years. Lisa not only became the first female act to win the award but also the first K-pop soloist to do so at the VMAs 2022. She was nominated alongside BTS’ ‘Yet to Come’, Itzy’s ‘Loco’, Seventeen’s ‘HOT’, Stray Kids’ ‘Maniac’ and TWICE’s ‘The Feels’.

‘So proud’

Fans cheered as an emotional Lisa gave her acceptance speech for the award. But many were moved when the camera panned to the rest of the Blackpink members cheering and clapping for her. With ‘Best K-pop’ being a social category award where fan votes are taken into consideration, fans were also proud that they had helped Lisa win her first VMA award. One fan tweeted, “Lisa’s acceptance speech. congratulations on being the first kpop soloist in history to win a vma, our lili.”

Another added, “This is really one the purest and softest jenlisa moment for me huhu nini is so proud of her lili.” With Jisoo tearing up, another commented, “Teddy: "i've known jisoo for six years, and i've seen her cry... ONCE" 😭she's so proud to her lili.” One fan shared, “I KNEW HOW MUCH LILIELAND MADE THIS POSSIBLE THIS IS CRAZY IM SO PRPUD OF YALL SM.” Another Blink added, “You won't understand how much i love them.” One wrote, “Rosé is so proud of lisa :( she was about to cry.”







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