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Is Blackpink Jennie and BTS V's selfie real? K-pop fans dissect dating rumor

Previously, there were two photos circulating that allegedly showed BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie in Jeju Island
UPDATED AUG 24, 2022
Fans think Blackpink Jennie and BTS V’s selfie is real and was leaked from a private account (@jennierubyjane/Instagram, BTS/Weverse, @gurumiharibo/Twitter)
Fans think Blackpink Jennie and BTS V’s selfie is real and was leaked from a private account (@jennierubyjane/Instagram, BTS/Weverse, @gurumiharibo/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Fans are starting to see a pattern after dating rumors crop up right when a group is having a comeback. We first had BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie allegedly being spotted in Jeju Island when BTS was releasing ‘Proof’. Now, a supposed selfie of the couple is making the rounds before Blackpink’s ‘Born Pink’ comeback. While HYBE is silent on the matter, YG first said that it was difficult to confirm. Their second response now has confirmed that both Blackpink and BTS’ V will be in the USA in the same week as the girls are going to the VMAs and V is going to New York.

With HYBE also swiftly denying dating rumors of their artists like BTS RM’s marriage, fans think that their silence confirms Blackpink Jennie and BTS V’s relationship. But the new photo in question has everyone torn. Toxic fans or those who want to protect the two from trolls claim that the selfie is edited. But some fans think that Blackpink Jennie and BTS V’s selfie is real and was leaked from a private account.

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Some think the photo is edited while others believe it is real (@gurumiharibo/Twitter)
Some think the photo is edited while others believe it is real (@gurumiharibo/Twitter)

Fans wonder if the selfie is real or fake

On August 23, a photo cropped up in which Blackpink’s Jennie is allegedly taking a mirror selfie. In it, we can clearly see BTS’ V getting his hair styled and wearing the same cheetah-print shirt he had worn on his flight with Blackpink’s Lisa and Park Bogum to Paris. A blonde stylist is styling his hair while there is another black-haired staff member in the photo. We can also see V’s back from the angle the photo is taken. Some fans think the photo is fake as they feel the black-haired stylist is the one holding the straightener.

Others think that the black-haired stylist who took the photo of V and Jennie’s selfie was just of herself, and a fan-edited and put together the two photos. Others also feel that the shadow of Jennie’s hair looks weird. However, many think that the Blackpink Jennie and BTS V selfie is real because if it was edited, the original photos would be found on the internet. Many also believe the girl is Jennie because she has the same cardigan, bracelet nails, and phone cover. Blackpink and BTS fans are more upset as it seems that if the selfie is real, it was leaked from a private account.

‘They can date whoever they want’

One fan reasoned, “NO ONE would have an access to both this never been seen photos of Jennie in this blue cardigan and V in a make up room before his flight simultaneously, if Jennie was really edited into this pic. So yes, I believe that this is true.” Another commented, “Their dating is not important actually, they can date whoever they want. But main problem is who leaked this photo!? Even if it's edited the 2 original photos of jennie and V are nowhere to be seen, was never uploaded anywhere. It's from artists private phone which is concerning.” Another said, "People saying that v jennie photo is edited but not one person bringing up the original photo source lol."

However, one fan said, “I’m sorry but how her hair stop up there but there’s a shadow of long hair right behind her ……. if it’s not edited then make that make sense quickly.” Another joked, “The makeup artist is a shapeshifter, I don’t know which is her true form , the one seen through the mirror or the other one … then Jennie standing like a shy ghost creeps me out .. who ever edited that picture needs a slap.”






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