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HYBE drops merch amidst 3rd leaked dating photo of V and Blackpink's Jennie, BTS fans say 'unbelievable'

K-pop fans are now more worried if Jennie's iCloud was hacked and the invasion of the two idols' privacy
UPDATED AUG 29, 2022
BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie are embroiled in a dating scandal (@BIGHIT_MUSIC, @BLACKPINK/Twitter)
BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie are embroiled in a dating scandal (@BIGHIT_MUSIC, @BLACKPINK/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Even though BTS fans have done their best to expose the Twitter user who leaked two photos that they claim are of BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie who are allegedly dating, general public is still viewing it as a scandal. On Sunday, August 28, while HYBE was busy announcing BTS’ latest merch ‘Proof (Collector’s Edition)’, and the MTV VMAs 2022 was honoring BTS and Blackpink, OP (original poster) tweeted a third photo of the alleged K-pop couple.

The dating rumors first began in May when BTS was having their first comeback in two years. A user took two photos and claimed that they had spotted V and Jennie driving in a car in Jeju. Many think it was a paid scandal to distract the internet from Kim Garam’s bullying scandal. However, months later, a different user posted three photos. While fans were first wondering if it was real or edited, they have started protesting as HYBE is silent on the matter.

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Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’ V embroiled in dating scandal

In the third photo, a man and a woman are in masks, caps and a couple-matching tee with ‘Winnie the Pooh’ print and taking a mirror selfie. The credibility of the photos is going down with each new post. In the third post, the phone cover of the girl is of an anime girl with ‘Nokia’ written on it. With Blackpink’s Jennie being an ambassador of Samsung and using an iPhone in her personal life, many are finding it hard to believe that the photo was of her and V, but this has led to trolls hating on the two idols and cyberbullying them. 

Despite the negative buzz, V’s company and label HYBE and BigHit are continuing with their scheduled activities of BTS merch while keeping mum on the scandal. The dating rumor has also affected his solo Vogue photoshoot as users sent hate comments. There is also the issue of the original source photos. Despite obvious edits that have left fans feeling sure these photos have been tampered with, they cannot find the original separate photos of the two idols. Many think that a close friend, hacker or stalker sold the individual photos to OP to edit.

'Protect your artist'

The ARMY has taken to trending ‘BigHit Protect Taehyung’ with tweets like, “BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG NOW ! Rumours r spreading & will be spreading untill & unless BIGHIT don't take any actions towards those malicious acts to protect their worldwide artist Taehyung. Can't BIGHIT see anything what's happening? How can they let it go & just simply ignore?” Another added, “To those who don't know why BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG NOW is trending, it's because Bighit is not doing anything to protect his privacy. It doesn't matter if the dating rumors are true or not, these are personal pictures being leaked and Bighit is doing nothing.”



One fan commented, “I feel like army trended this for a freaking million time and still bighit won't give a damn about it like DO something it's your responsibility to protect your artist The death threats the hate taehyung is getting is unbelievable !!!! BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG NOW.” Another was annoyed at HYBE, “Stop dropping a high price merch protect your artist at all costs!” One joked, “Jennie isn't that poor to buy a phone case from aliexpress with nokia written on it.”




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