Did Bibi go overboard with gory 'Animal Farm' music video? Fans compare her to Carrie from 'Kill Bill'

Did Bibi go overboard with gory 'Animal Farm' music video? Fans compare her to Carrie from 'Kill Bill'
Bibi releases a gory 'Animal Farm' music video (Screenshot/Bibi YouTube)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Korean rapper Bibi is making headlines after her 'Animal Farm' music video came out on September 27, 2022, on her official YouTube channel. The wild gory video clip has received mixed reactions from netizens. However, most fans claim it has the potential to turn into an "action film or drama OST". While the clip is six minutes long, the song lasts only four minutes with the credits taking up the rest of the video. The thumbnail of the MV finds Bibi presented as a pork meal on a grand dining table. The concept has turned many heads and promises sheer excellence with Bibi's artistic overview. 

Bibi is currently working on her debut studio album 'Lowlife Princes - Noir'. She released her latest single 'Animal Farm' with a seeming revenge story leading up to a bloodbath of those who have exploited her. The music video begins with Bibi tied up like a pig, indicating her as the 'main course'. She is surrounded by men in masks and snouts. The next scene finds the K-pop idol in a white dress rampaging with a katana. She aims for the head of the main guy at the table. Soon, Bibi kills everyone present. Her white dress gets soaked with the blood of those she slaughters towards the end. 


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What was the concept behind the gory video?

With Bibi fighting off the men who seem to gawk at her as their food, she points at society's take on sex, sexuality, and class. The vengeance story displays Bibi slicing every head that controls her moves and prevents her from embracing her true self. The lyrics call out everyone who has exploited the rapper - “Welcome, well done / Shameless friends of mine / Who’s next? / Hang my pretty head in your room / Where is love? Where is my sympathy? / What have we lost? / Is it a farm? Is it society? / Am I a tiger or a gazelle?”. Through her upcoming debut album, Bibi is exposing her alter ego 'Al The Lowlife Princess'. Al is Bibi's sinister side. Thus, the debut album is likely to have many such wild lyrics and stories revolving around Bibi's true and unmerciful self. 

'Bibi is such a badass'

Fans have completely sided with Bibi and her bloodlust. They have compared the K-pop star with Carrie from 'Kill Bill'. A fan wrote, "BIBI is such a badass in Animal Farm". Another said, "Bibi's Animal Farm is on different level of masterpiece". Another fan tweeted, "Bibi’s animal farm mv!? yeah she really did that". A fan criticized naysayers and tweeted, "People are criticizing BIBI and Animal Farm? that was an incredible work of creativity. im pretty sure ppl who dont like it are more into bubble pop or do not like gory/violent stuff, but it does not mean that its 'yuck.' you wont say takashi miike's movies are ew. shut up pls". 

Some fans tried to break down the music video, as they wrote, "Yeah thats what that song means too the Animal Farm by BiBi its all about Hypocrisy in the work field ..that song is so deep what i understand is its all about hypocrisy and the most benefited is the pigs (the influential people or hihg profile in the business means the Boss)", while some defended her artwork, "Some knetz are saying that bibi’s animal farm is “too much.” these bitches don’t know what art is".











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