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Bibi clarifies Instagram outburst and misunderstanding over hyperbole 'killing herself'

Bibi had worried fans after she had cried on Instagram Live sharing that she was not allowed to eat, sleep or remove her makeup in between schedules
UPDATED JUL 30, 2022
Bibi has been extremely booked and has been seen at several festivals, TV shows and concerts for the past few weeks while also working on her first album (@amazingsat_official/Instagram)
Bibi has been extremely booked and has been seen at several festivals, TV shows and concerts for the past few weeks while also working on her first album (@amazingsat_official/Instagram)

Trigger warning - suicide mention

Bibi has spoken up one last time regarding her “dramatic” Instagram outburst. In the worrisome Live that went viral, Bibi shared she was not allowed to eat, sleep and mentioned “killing herself” at least thrice. The next day, she apologized for worrying fans and shared she had just been tired. We even had her label’s CEO TigerJK of Feel Ghood who wrote a lengthy letter clarifying that they never forced Bibi to starve or do anything she did not want to do. However, with both apology letters skipping the suicide mention, fans claimed that she was being mistreated by her label.

It seems that Bibi has a very close relationship with her label and her staff as she decided to clarify all misunderstandings and requested fans not to blame Feel Ghood or Tiger JK. She also added that the phrase “killing herself” was just a hyperbole and she had exaggerated when she meant to say that she was simply exhausted. With Bibi also talking in English during the Live, she revealed that she is not fluent in the language and hoped people would not read too much into her words. 

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Bibi fans 'dont buy' apology as CEO Tiger JK skips suicide mention in 'dramatic' IG Live


Bibi clarifies misunderstanding

Bibi said, “It still breaks my heart to see comments and articles written about my company mistreating me. I’d like to clear it up once and for all - this is not true. My company is not starving me or overworking me.” She also decided to forego the secrecy of her upcoming projects as she revealed, “The truth is I have been trying to lose weight for a role for an upcoming film I’ve been working on…I had just finished filming multiple videos...which was my decision - so naturally, I was tired. I’d like to reiterate that these were not forced schedules. Rather Feel Ghood has worked tirelessly to bring all of my big ideas and visions to life.”


The singer also felt miserable that in a moment of weakness she had said some words that had led to fans hating on her company. Bibi added, “I was having an awful day…While I don’t regret sharing my feelings…I regret not being more specific…which caused a backlash…towards my company…I realize I have to be more careful and mindful because English is not my first language…For example, when I spoke about dying, I was roughly translating a commonly used Korean expression about being so exhausted…To be clear, I have no intention of dying.” After assuring fans that she was fine she also apologized to her label for getting hate because of her words.

‘Love you Bibi’

Fans have taken to social media to send supportive messages to Bibi. One tweeted, “Nah you ain’t gotta apologize, as long as you’re good that’s all that matters 🤍 sending u lots of love n light.” Another fan said, “Again thank you for sharing ur feelings to us. i’m glad ur ok and thats what matters.” One fan wrote, “Love you bibi <3 we're glad you're okay and we're sorry if we have reacted too harshly and misunderstood you along the way .. us bibitans/bibibullets will always be here to support you !” Another commented, “We all have those days and moments 🥺 love you bibi.”





If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)