EXCLUSIVE | K-Hip Hop rapper CAMO spills on her American tour, new album and more

EXCLUSIVE | K-Hip Hop rapper CAMO spills on her American tour, new album and more
CAMO talks about her North American tour 'Wifey' (502)

CAMO is set to go on her first North American tour! The K-Hip Hop rapper and singer is booked and busy as she set to perform in USA and Canada, as well as participate in Korean music festivals like Hiphopplaya Festival 2022. She debuted in 2020 with ‘ICE’ and has collaborated with the likes of BIBI, JMIN, Simon Dominic and more. Her viral single ‘Wifey’ is much-loved while ‘Life is Wet’ amassed over 11 million YouTube views.

Following her European tour and latest single ‘Freak Like Me’, CAMO is set to go on her North American tour ‘CAMO: Wifey Tour’ in August. Well, MEAWW had a chance to catch up with her before the shows on her music-making process, inspiration and new projects. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, the Korean rapper revealed the authentic ‘CAMO’, teased a new album and more.

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MEAWW: Congratulations on your American tour! Fans are so excited to see you that more stops had to be added. How do you feel about the overwhelming response?


CAMO: Hey MEAWW!! I’m so so excitedddd. Can’t wait to perform for y’all and show you these new tracks I’ve been working on!!!

MEAWW: Well, you have already established such a strong image. How did you go about preparing for an album till you are satisfied it is authentically ‘CAMO’?

CAMO: I haven’t got this question before. I love it lol. All my songs have been about love and life so they’re all 100% me. I’ve never put too much thought into my music because it came naturally to me. The next mixtape I’m working on is a bit different though! Definitely had to “work” more to find my sound and experiment with different beats and genres. Shoutout to my A&R Torsten. He’s 'sensei'.



MEAWW: You are going to be pretty busy next month. How do you relax during your downtime?


CAMO: I stay at home and eat good food hehe!

MEAWW: Is there anything new that you learned about yourself while touring last year?

CAMO: I think that I gained a lot more confidence in myself and my music. I felt so much love from everyone. Thank y’all so so muchhhh!

MEAWW: You definitely have gathered fans all around the world. Where else would you like to tour next?


CAMO: EVERYWHERE. I want to be able to visit every country out there.


MEAWW: Which song of yours describes your life the best?


CAMO: It’d be a mix of all of them! They all represent a specific part of my life, so together that’d be me.

MEAWW: You have so many cool tattoos. Do you have a favorite?

CAMO: I don’t have a favorite one haha!

MEAWW: If you were not an artist, what would you like to do?

CAMO: I think I would’ve studied for CPA or law.



MEAWW: You have worked with several amazing rappers. Who would you like to collaborate with next?

CAMO: A dope ass female rapper.

MEAWW: What genre of music would you like to try that you haven’t done before?

CAMO: Maybe POP?

MEAWW: You use your emotions to write your songs. So, what inspired your latest single ‘Freak Like Me’?


CAMO: I just wanted to make a bad b*tch winter anthem haha!


MEAWW: It has also been a while since you released ‘Fragile’. Can we get a spoiler for your next album?


CAMO: YESSS. I’m dropping a full-length mixtape so y’all are gonna get a lot of new songs and vibes! Can’t say too much, but you guys will be able to see soon. I can’t wait <3

MEAWW: What is something new that you want to show with your next album?

CAMO: Growth. I want to show how much thought and love I’ve put into my music. I want to show that I’m here to stay for a long long time.


MEAWW: Finally, any last words for your fans who are waiting to see you?

CAMO: Thank you for always supporting me with so much love! Can’t wait to see you all in person and vibe with y’all and make crazy warm memories. Sending lots of love! <3 and stay safe guys!!

Watch the music video for her latest single 'Freak Like Me' below.




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