Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon tops charts with 'Second' ft Bibi, fans say 'we keep on winning'

Hyoyeon's 'Second' is a fun dance-pop song perfect for the summer as she sings about taking a break from our busy lives and just enjoying the music

                            Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon tops charts with 'Second' ft Bibi, fans say 'we keep on winning'
Hyoyeon's 'Second' has already been making waves (@hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram)

One of the most iconic second-gen K-pop groups, Girls’ Generation may have been inactive since 2017, but the members are slowly coming back and dominating every field they enter. From Taeyeon sweeping the charts with ‘Weekend’ to Tiffany mentoring one of the biggest survival shows ‘Girls Planet 999’, they’ve been busy. On August 10, it was also revealed that Seohyun had bagged the fantasy romance K-drama ‘The Jinx’s Lover’ while Sunny will host the variety show ‘Legendary Trainee’. And now we have Hyoyeon releasing new music.

As the rapper of the group and one of the most legendary main dancers of the second generation, Hyoyeon decided to take her solo career in a different route by debuting as DJ HYO. She’s had several hit singles like ‘Dessert’ and ‘Badster’ and now it looks like her newest release is already successful. Hyoyeon released the summer single ‘Second’ on August 9. It also features rapper and singer Bibi. In just a day of its release, ‘Second’ has already been making waves.


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Hyoyeon drops music video for ‘Second’

Hyoyeon had previously stated in an interview with Cosmopolitan that ‘Second’ would be quite different from her EDM discography. It is a fun dance-pop song perfect for the summer as she sings about taking a break from our busy lives and just enjoying the music. The upbeat melody full of 808 sounds also features an echoing-trap bridge, which she uses to show off her moves with a dance break. Bibi’s style of rap complements Hyoyeon’s chorus as her verse oozes swagger.


TikTok challenge

The TikTok challenge for her previous single ‘Dessert’ went viral as labelmates and other idols too ended up dancing to it. So, fans were eager to see the challenge for ‘Second’. Hyoyeon didn’t disappoint by kicking it off with a hilarious TikTok where she dances to the song. However, she's not alone. She's dancing behind SM's CEO, Lee Sooman as he tries to do his work. The hilarious video has already gone viral on several social media platforms. She later explained that since she'd already done the 'Dessert' challenge with all of her members, she wanted to kick off 'Second' with a new TikTok partner.

Fans found the TikTok with Lee Sooman hilarious as they tweeted, “Hyoyeon is really on another level.” Another SONE wondered if that is how Hyoyeon annoys her members, “So this is what Hyoyeon meant when she said she met the members and she annoyed them can wait for hyoyeon x snsd version.” We also saw her labelmate Ten of NCT and WayV dance to her song while he was on the variety show 'Super Idol League'. And so, a SONE who is also a fan of Ten was excited as they posted, “IM CRYING I ALREADY GOT TEN DANCING TO HYOYEON’S SECOND.”




Hyoeyon also went viral on an online Korean forum where K-netizens stated that she looked like Red Velvet's Irene from an angle in the 'Second' music video. Fans were angry since previously, the general public had considered Hyoyeon to be a 'visual hole' and the one with the weakest visuals in her group. And while she doesn't look like Irene, she is beautiful in her own way according to SONEs.

The song has also been topping charts worldwide. 'Second' was at #1 on iTunes in eight different countries. It also entered several reputable Korean charts like Bugs, Genie and MelOn. She was also trending on Twitter and MelOn's real-time search. And while the music video still hasn’t reached its 24-hour mark, it has already garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube.



Hyoyeon also went live to talk about the process behind this comeback. She revealed that she was in constant touch with Girls' Generation's members. And it was on Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri and Sooyoung's suggestion that she added a dance break in 'Second'. Fans also found it hilarious that when one SONE asked if Hyoyeon's music video was part of KWANGYA, she said that she had no idea what it was. SM has been experimenting with creative concepts and KWANGYA is a shared SM universe where all of the groups of SM are linked together. On this, one fan tweeted, “THE RELIEF I FEEL WHEN KWANGYA IS MENTIONED AND A SOSHI MEMBER IS COMPLETELY PUZZLED WE KEEP ON WINNING.”


Watch the music video for 'Second' below:


'Dreamy Hyoyeon'

SONEs were excited over the release of the single and couldn’t stay calm. They went on to hype up the dance break with tweets like, “SHE DIDN'T COME TO PLAY,” and “QUEEN OF DANCE BREAKS,” which proved Hyoyeon’s position as the main dancer in K-pop. Another fan pointed out, “Taeyeon, tiffany, yuri & sooyoung suggested to have a dance break for this song when they met hyoyeon & asked for their suggestions crying bc this is literally the best part of the song SNSD BEST GIRLS.”

SONEs also couldn’t get over how pretty she looked in the music video, “THIS LOOK IS ON FIIIIREEEE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND FROM HER HAIR THE MAKEUP ESP THE EYES AND HER DRESS I WANT MARRIAGE.” Another fan tweeted, “AND THAT IS AN EXPERIENCE NEVER DISAPPOINTS EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS YES HYOYEON KIM.” And one fan said, “This look!!! dreamy hyoyeon.”







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