BTS V's Chinese fans install billboard ad opposite HYBE building, here's why authorities called it 'illegal'

The ad was put up opposite HYBE Label's building in Seoul for BTS V's eight-year anniversary

                            BTS V's Chinese fans install billboard ad opposite HYBE building, here's why authorities called it 'illegal'
BTS V's fan ad on probation for violating rules (BTS ARMY Twitter/ Weverse)

BTS V's outdoor Billboard ad that was arranged by famous Chinese fan page Baidu Vbar has been put on probation after the authorities claimed the ad was 'illegal. The Billboard ad which is reportedly 500 square meters long and belongs to the super large category was put up right opposite to HYBE Label's building in Yongsan, Seoul for BTS V's eight-year anniversary.

According to a Korean media report on June 1, the Billboard ad has been put on probation for a week which was originally meant to be displayed from June 1 to 14, celebrating BTS Festa and the eighth anniversary of the Grammy-nominated supergroup singer Kim Taehyung.


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Why was BTS V's billboard ad called 'illegal'?

According to a report, for any outdoor billboard ads, the advertising party has to take proper permission from the authorities and get their approval before putting it up. But in this case, as the fanbase was Chinese, fans are predicting that Vbar had no prior idea about the laws, hence they only contacted the building for the ads. An official commented, "Any outdoor billboard advert should be put up only after getting approval or registration, depending on its size and kind, per current billboard advertising laws," Allkpop reported.

BTS V  for 'Butter' teaser (BTS Instagram)

Further, the official added, "Usually an illegal outdoor billboard would have month-long probation but in this case, we've been receiving many complaints related to it due to its massive size so we're trying to carry out the law as soon as possible." The outdoor ad has been already put on probation and offcials have stated that if the advert party does not abide by the law, they will be fined.

BTS V for Butter press conference (Big Hit Music press sent)

Who is accountable?

BTS V fans have taken to Twitter to speak of the issue, citing that the ad wasn't put up by fans but by a local contractor, building manager and supplier. So the right people should be accountable instead of 'dragging' a fan page who has only wanted to do something special for the 'Sweet Night' crooner. A fan said, "IMHO, I think the local supplier/contractor of the billboard and the building manager should be accountable and not just the fan club. They should take care of these things prior to them putting up the billboard as for sure they receive money for this service. Well let's see." Another fan chimed in, saying, "I mean.... They probably didn't put that billboard by themselves right? I can't see a bunch of fans going on scaffolding to put it up. Someone i.e. external company had to install it on their behave, so concerns about 'law' should be raised before installation had occurred??"



More fans have come in support of Vbar like a Taehyung fan noted, "I can smell the jealousy MILES away. vbar literally put his face in the tallest building in the world do yall think vbar did THIS unresearched!" Another tweet read, "Its not fans fault ..ask the owner of the building that why they allowed it if it it against the law....stop dragging his fans..!"



Chinese fan-group Vbar has been famous in the fandom for pulling out legendary fan projects for the 'Winter Bear' crooner including their 2020 V's birthday campaign that included putting the singer's video on Burj Khalifa and a Satellite to celebrate happy 25th of Taetae.

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