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BTS 'Butter' 'Hotter Remix': VMin are 'soulmates', say fans as they slam Pdogg for 'obsession with autotune'

While fans have loved the swoon-worthy chemistry of Jimin and Taehyung, some have also dragged Pdogg for the 'Hotter' remix
UPDATED MAY 28, 2021
VMin's chemistry in 'Butter' remix has made fans giddy (HYBE YouTube)
VMin's chemistry in 'Butter' remix has made fans giddy (HYBE YouTube)

BTS 'Butter' has dropped its 'Hotter' remix and ARMY has a lot to say about the title. BTS' summer anthem 'Hotter' is, in reality, the Grammy-nominated South Korean septet being their extremely goofy self giving many adorable moments for the fandom to swoon over. From VMin's (Jimin and Taehyung) 'soulmate' chemistry to PDogg's 'autotune layering', here's all the things about 'Butter' remix that fans talked about.

After witnessing yet another soulmate moment from BTS V and Jimin, ARMY is convinced that 'VMin' are actually bonded by an invisible red string. Speaking of a scene from BTS 'Butter' remix where Taehyung sings at the front of the camera and Jimin falls at the floor on the background, Taetae quickly looks back as if by some magical pull of strings. A fan gushed, "so you mean to tell me taehyung felt the pull of their red string that’s why he looked down then back when jimin fell!"


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V, Jimin and Jungkook for 'Butter' 'Hotter remix (HYBE YouTube)


ARMY confirms VMin are 'soulmates'

BTS ARMY is swooning over the 3 minutes and 15 seconds remix track released on May 28 which features BTS at their goofiest yet the title suggests that it is the sensational track Butter's 'Hotter' version. Speaking of the adorable chemistry of 'Friends' crooner V and Jimin, a fan wrote, "This scene. DID TAE REALLY JUST FEEL THEIR RED SOULMATE STRING PULL WHEN JIMIN FELL DOWN? #VMIN!" Another fan shared the clip where Jimin is softly putting his jacket on Taetae's shoulder, quipping, "OKAY AND WHAT DO U EXPECT ME TO DO!" A fan shared, "vminkook is the best trio, noone can tell my otherwise!"




Fans drag Pdogg for 'autotune layering'

While fans have loved the swoon-worthy chemistry of the Billboard Hot 100 topper group, some have also dragged Pdogg for the remix saying he has been obsessed with the autotune layering. A fan quipped, "Pdogg did the remix, explains the autotune layering!" Another fan opined, "I wanna know what has happened to Pdogg. The difference in his old BTS songs and new songs is scary. Why he has become obsessed with autotune & high pitched songs? I miss his old work, it was so good. I did not like this remix, Bh don't know how to make remixes. Only mv was cute!"



While some fans dragged the music producer who has created some of the masterpieces of BTS including 'Pied Piper', others have defended the artiste. A fan wrote, "no but using autotune in a section is still a musical choice, it still fit in the song. just cause u think it's bad, it isn't really bad, it's just not ur taste. stop slandering pdogg for producing a REMIX. GO STREAM!" A fan chimed in saying, "i love pdogg he’s a great producer but his obsession with autotune needs to go it’s so unnecessary!" Another fan said, "I recognized the auto tune why is he so obsessed bring back slow rabbit!"




BTS, currently occupied with breaking and making new world records with 'Butter' will be next seen performing the summer tune in Good Morning America 2021 Summer Concert on May 28 at 8 pm KST. Stay tuned for all the live updates on BTS! 

Stream the remix version of 'Butter' here: