BTS Festa D Day 2021 Calender : Air dates, how to live stream and all about 8th anniversary celebration

BTS Festa is kicking off from June 2, with a series of events planned for the ARMY

                            BTS Festa D Day 2021 Calender : Air dates, how to live stream and all about 8th anniversary celebration
BTS Festa D day celebration begins with opening ceremony pictures (Weverse)

BTS Festa 2021 is here, and this year, the Grammy-nominated Bangtan Boys are going all out with a month-long schedule to keep ARMY entertained. From two days long Muster Sowoozoo concert featuring BTS World tour to a number of special events like BTS Room live, ARMY can look forward to an eventful June.

Previously, BTS announced '2021 Muster Sowoozoo' spanning from June 13 to June 14, and which will be an exclusive ticketed event for ARMY. The online streaming event will be at 18:30 pm KST for both dates as the Billboard Hot 100 topper teased some special surprises for this year's Muster concert.


'BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo': Air date, how to live stream, tickets of 2-day event featuring World Tour Version

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BTS Festa D day 2021 pictures released (Weverse)



Date and time

Full schedule

BTS Festa is kicking off from June 2 with a series of events planned for the ARMY. Check out the schedule below.




June 2 - Opening ceremony


BTS Festa 2021 opening ceremony begins (Weverse)


Family portraits


BTS Festa Family portraits for 2021 (Weverse)



Check out some of the family portraits for BTS Festa 2021 below.


BTS Festa Family Portraits for 2021 (Weverse)



BTS Festa 2021 Family Portraits (Weverse)


June 3 - 2021 BTS Profile

June 4 - BTS Choreography videos (#1, #2 and #3)







June 5 - Mission! BTS 4 Cuts



June 7 - Bicycle



June 8 - BTS Photo Collection 2021

BTS Festa 2021 photo collection (BTS Weverse)



June 9 - 2021 ARMY Profile

June 10 - 2021 Festa Examination

Check how much BTS scored in Festa 2021 examination here.





BTS Room live preview for BTS Festa 2021 (weverse)



June 12 - BTS Stage Clip, Let Us Shine Again 







BTS 'Muster SOWOOZOO' tracklist 

Check out all the tracks which will be a part of BTS 'Muster' including 'Daechwita', and more here.



How to live stream 'BTS Room Live'

BTS Room Live, scheduled for June 11 was Bangtan Boys taking ARMY through their eight years of journey with a memorable performance of their hit tracks. Check the video below.





BTS Festa 2021 (Weverse)


BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo

BTS Festa 2021 will wrap up with a special event BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo on June 13 and June 14. Tickets for 'BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo' are available from the Weverse shop. There are a number of varieties of tickets to choose from. From single view HD tickets that come at around $44 to HD Single View 2-day pass that come at around $80, fans can pick their viewing options. Check Weverse shop for more info. Ticket sales went live on May 26, 12 pm KST will be up till June 13 7:29 pm KST for the first day, and June 14, 7:29 pm KST for the second day.

BTS 2021 BTS Festa (BTS Twitter)

BTS Festa D Day Calender

Along with a number of online events, ARMY can also purchase a Festa special calendar of Bangtan Boys, which will include a number of photo series plus a special ARMY welcome kit. Check here for more details.

BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO will be starting on June 13 (Weverse)


ARMY is gearing up for BTS' eighth-anniversary celebration, a time span worth cherishing given the heights that the South Korean music group has accomplished, and also waiting for the first week's Billboard Hot 100 results.

The record-breaking second English single track 'Butter' has become the most viewed music video within 24 hours, with a staggering 108.2M views on YouTube. At 11.04M, it also received the highest number of streams on day one on Spotify. As a result, 'Butter' definitely stands as a strong contender for Billboard Hot 100 number 1 position for the upcoming week. Stream the single here.