BTS' Suga says he's not special, ARMY calls him a 'complete package'

In a recent interview, Suga spoke about BTS' discography, faults of the K-pop industry and why he wants to make music

                            BTS' Suga says he's not special, ARMY calls him a 'complete package'
Suga talks about the K-pop industry (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Previously, RM, V, Jin, J-hope, Jungkook had individual interviews with Weverse magazine. To celebrate the success of BTS’ latest release, the ‘Butter’ CD, the magazine has been having photoshoots and interviewing the boys as they talk about their passion, challenges and ARMY. The latest member to be featured in the magazine happens to be Suga.

Rapper and producer Suga went deep and was frank as he was interviewed by the magazine on July 31. He exposed the faults of the industry, addressed the change in BTS’ discography and why he felt like he was not special. He also assured fans that since his shoulder surgery last year, he was in physical therapy and was alright now. He added that while topping on Billboard was amazing, he felt that there were other global issues that were more important than charts. 

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Suga talks about BTS’ discography

He was also happy that the group could release ‘BE’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ in the current situation to give some happiness and hope to the listeners. He added that he wants to do as much as he can for ARMY since they feel happy because of BTS. He also addressed the topic of BTS’ ‘old music’ that had divided the internet as many said that they preferred their older music to their new releases. He explained that their last three English releases were the best choice. He also added, “Musical tastes are different from country to country, and the cultures are different.”

This is why they preferred to focus on a universal message. It is natural for artists to combine different genres and as they grow, their music style is bound to change. Suga also pointed out that even genres change over time. All he strives to do is make good music. He elaborated that before he joined BTS, he would only make music for himself but since then he has found a balance between what he wants and what the public wants.

He also said that the American music market was pretty realistic and open about commercial results. However, with K-pop, since the industry is at its peak, they need good artists to continuously pop up but the promotional strategy is not perfect. Since BTS are where they at, they don’t need to promote on music shows which is exhausting. The music shows are only for promoting and don’t have any major monetary benefit which is worth the fatigue and injuries artists get. Even if their performance is high quality, with no visible outcome which the labels insist on, the artists lose morale. So, the only way out is to make changes in the industry.

Suga said that he was happy that he is with a label that values the artist’s opinion. The label should accommodate their artist and know their limits instead of constantly sending them to promotional activities without listening to the artist’s reasoning. He explained that if the label sees the artist as a product who has to constantly generate music and promote on music shows then how can they make anything creative. The only way to have an enjoyable performance is when the artist is enjoying it. 

Furthermore, Suga said that all he thinks about nowadays is how BTS can have fun and be happy on stage and keep going for a long time. While he is happy that he has a huge audience, his goal is to make music even after they’re older. He felt like music is the only thing he knows how to do and since nothing else is special about him, he wants to continue making music that will make people happy.

'So Min Yoongi of him'

ARMY went on to trend his real name Min Yoongi at the release of the interview. One fan tweeted, “One thing we like about Min Yoongi, his effortless and truthful thoughts which sometimes makes us realize how adorable he is… indeed a king & a boss.” Another tweeted, ““There’s nothing special about 28 year old Min Yoongi, that’s why I want to keep doing music.” WHAT!? ONE THING IS FOR SURE~THESE MEN ARE HUMBLE AF. They are people I want every generation to look up to. @BTS_twt I LOVE THEM.” One tweeted, “Min Yoongi can be as BTS’ SUGA, Agust D & by SUGA all in one. He’s a complete package. He’s truly a world class.”

Another tweeted, “28-year-old min yoongi has given me and more than a million people around the world reasons to smile and keep on living with hope through your words. i dont know yoongi, i think thats pretty f**king special.” One tweeted, “Yoongi emphasizing emotional stability, assuring fans that artistic growth doesn’t change who bts is (and basically slamming those crying about how bts has changed/i-miss-old bts “fans”), while shading the music industry’s toxicity in a single interview is so min yoongi of him.”






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