J-Hope calls ARMY famous 'icons' like BTS, fans say 'we'll never witness this twice'

J-Hope calls ARMY famous 'icons' like BTS, fans say 'we'll  never witness this twice'
J-Hope calls ARMY icons in Weverse interview (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

BTS is flying high and it doesn’t look like they’ll be landing any time soon. As of July 27, ‘Butter’ again made it to #1 on Billboard for the eighth week while ‘Permission to Dance’ dropped down to lucky number 7. This puts ‘Butter’ in a tie with Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’ to hold on to #1 for the longest in 2021 yet. And with the way the ARMY are moving, it just looks like ‘Butter’ may end up breaking that tie. To celebrate such achievements, BTS is sitting down to chat with Weverse magazine individually and the latest interview happens to be with J-Hope.

Previously, Jungkook had been interviewed where he called ARMY the main characters. Now, on July 27, J-Hope spoke to Weverse about his passion, went deep with his thoughts and what ARMY means to him. He acknowledged ‘Butter’s’ success but added that along with happiness, he also realizes the gravitas of such an achievement and the responsibility that comes with it. He also showed how he’d grown by comparing his past self who would just humbly accept the success and be happy for it.

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J-Hope for Weverse (@weverseofficial/Twitter)

J-Hope talks about his dreams and ARMY

However, now he feels like that was immature and he knows that these musical feats haven’t been easy to achieve. So, J-Hope has given himself homework on how to maintain what BTS has been doing so far and what kind of attitude he should have regarding it. He gave the example of performing ‘Dynamite’. He felt like he had the responsibility for making it stand out and never underdeliver for fans that always show their love. He also talked about the importance of every dance move and how they studied sign language before incorporating it into ‘Permission to Dance’. 

Talking about ARMY and how they’ve also grown along with BTS, J-Hope was touched as he went on to call them icons. He stated that he was proud of how amazing they were and felt like they were artists in their own right. He called this a symbol of their era and went on to say, “ARMY is as famous as BTS now.” He explained that was possible only because they could share good energy and always help each other make something good. He also wanted fans everywhere to know that he was always grateful to them and if he were ARMY he would never be ashamed to call himself a fan of BTS.

He also spoke about his dreams and believes that he is not someone who settles for life as it is. Even though amazing things have happened to him, he wants to go one step further. Since their dream of charting on Billboard was complete he now wants BTS to go global and have good synergy with other global artists. He asked himself if he was challenging himself and since he wasn’t, he decided to learn English since it could open up more possibilities.

J-Hope has never been shy about mental health and also was open about his emotions, especially during the pandemic. He said that he was just like everyone else and while people would wish he would always be bright as he was on ‘Hope World’, that is not realistic. He talked about the shadow inside him and how it was a part of him just like BTS. He was also impressed with his own willpower while facing hardships and decided to put these emotions into the older tracks ‘Dis-ease’ and ‘Blue Side’.


‘Fashion king’

Fans were excited about the Weverse photoshoot, as well as the interview as they ended up trending his real name ‘Jung Hoseok’ on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Disney if you need a real life Jack Frost then i recommend you Mr. Jung Hoseok istg that role needs him. thank u.” Another ARMY said, “Jung hoseok deserves the world.” They also called him, “Jung Hoseok, fashion king.” One fan tweeted, “So grateful to have a jung hoseok, to have a sunshine, to have a man with the most precious words, to have a person i can call my comfort zone<3.”


Another tweeted, “Your idol dont even know you” btch jung hoseok thinks im an icon, an artist and as famous as bts.” One fan tweeted, “Something about hoseok saying he's proud of armys just makes me feel so warm. we've been through this together. we've grown and achieved things together. while bts grew, so did we. while they made a name for themselves, so did we. you'll never witness anything like this twice.”


Another member of the ARMY gushed: “ARMY have become an icon themselves. I’m so proud of them..ARMY is as famous as BTS now. I think we give each other good energy, & helped each other to make something good..if I were ARMY, I’d never be ashamed to call myself a fan of BTS.” - Jung Hoseok"











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