BTS RM says 'Bicycle' has an important place in his heart, ARMY calls song 'act of rebellion'

In a recent interview, BTS RM spoke about his surprise single 'Bicycle' as well as about being honest with ARMY

                            BTS RM says 'Bicycle' has an important place in his heart, ARMY calls song 'act of rebellion'
BTS RM talks about being honest with fans (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Previously, V, Jin, J-hope and Jungkook had been interviewed by Weverse magazine. Thanks to BTS’ latest release, the ‘Butter’ CD, the boys have been breaking and making records domestically as well as globally. And to celebrate that success, Weverse magazine has been having a photoshoot and interviewing the boys individually where they show their true side, talk about their fans and their inspiration. The latest member to be featured in the magazine was none other than RM.

BTS’ leader RM sat down to have an interview with Weverse, which was released on July 30. He spoke about being honest with ARMY, the story behind the surprise single ‘Bicycle’ and his creative process. He also talked about the effort that went into making ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’. He explained that he and Suga fine-tuned ‘Butter’ to make it their own and put their own flavor so as to make the song different from the current American pop songs. However, ‘Permission to Dance’ was more fun as he didn’t have to worry about the group dynamic.


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RM talks about solo single 'Bicycle'

While RM is a rapper, he knew that rap would not go in a song like ‘Permission to Dance’. He stated that he had more fun dancing and singing. And with this particular BTS song, he just added a little bit of himself and enjoyed the performance as a whole. He also spoke about the challenges that came with his solo track ‘Bicycle’ which he released during the 2021 FESTA.

He explained that while he wanted to be a good rapper and get recognition, ‘Bicycle’ defied all that because before all the rap techniques and trends the most important thing for him is the subject. And with this track, he focused mostly on the topic as the song is compared to a compass that tells RM where he is at the moment. He chose a bicycle as the metaphor because when he rides it, he forgets all his worries and is almost free mentally, as well as physically. So, in a way, the song represented the best of him. He said "bicycles hold an important place in my heart, so that’s just what I ended up writing about".

Additionally, he revealed his current playlist which includes the likes of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and KIRINJI. He is also a big fan of Drake and used to try and emulate him but RM realized the end result was completely different because he didn't live his life like those who inspired him. He also confessed that he had gotten slow while creating music since he has been working on an incomplete mixtape since 2019. He added that he wanted to be like Suga because he could create songs like a producer while RM always needs to have his lyrics first.

RM also explained why it was important for him to be honest with ARMY even though in the world of K-pop it’s not always possible. He said that the thing artists do is like a person-to-person business and while they try not to worry fans, RM wants to have a different relationship. He elaborated that he wanted to tell his fans all the things BTS has been through as it would also be a way to pay off his debts to those who helped them. He felt that to not tell that story about them would not be authentic. 

'Speaking facts'

One fan tweeted, “Namjoon just speaking in facts.” Another tweeted, “The way namjoon's minds work and the way he catches details and portrays them in his lyricism will never fail to stun me.” One tweeted, “No offence but Namjoon can punch me in the face.” Another tweeted, “I’m so thankful for Namjoon and his heart. He’s so open and honest with us, we don’t deserve him.” One tweeted, “Namjoon always has the best answers during interviews. His answers are so deep and are so honest. He's so amazing.” Another said, "Also namjoon talking of releasing bicycle almost as if it was an act of rebellion. a metaphor for what he felt and the life he lead and what he's doing in the eye of the hurricane. he's incredible my god."







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