Jungkook calls ARMY the main characters of BTS, lovestruck fans say 'our hearts are yours'

Jungkook calls ARMY the main characters of BTS, lovestruck fans say 'our hearts are yours'
BTS' Jungkook in an interview credited ARMY with the boy band's success and growth (BTS Weverse)

With the release of the ‘Butter’ CD and ‘Permission to Dance’, fans have been getting new and exciting content every day. From playing games on the ‘Jimmy Fallon’ show to performing on BBC Radio, BTS has been really busy. And now, to talk about the recent releases, Jungkook was interviewed by Weverse magazine where he spoke about his real self and ARMY. Known for having an artistic and creative side, Jungkook was asked to draw whatever he felt like on the set while doing the photo shoot.

Along with the photo shoot, he also sat down to have a chat with Weverse which was released on their platform on July 26. Jungkook spoke about how happy he was that ‘Butter’ had broken records on Billboard but it was also a kind of burden as he had to work harder now. He also confessed that he felt like he was not being able to keep up with BTS as a team. He added that this mindset just made him want to work harder and always keep doing better.

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Jungkook talks about his real self

Jungkook knows that his charm is his duality. He himself stated that he is pretty different on and off stage. He is very passionate on stage always gives his all while performing. He also believed that one of his strengths was his genuineness. While performing, he stated that he would be attentive towards his gestures which is why his facial expressions in ‘Butter’ were cool and not too cringy. He also added that he was still evolving and constantly improving as a singer. He gave the example of the BTS song ‘Life Goes On’ where they’re on a treadmill that keeps going on and he thinks to himself that “I’d better not ever stop.” 

When the interviewer asked about his real self, he stated that he was an honest and easy-going person. He also added that he was lazy as an individual and if he was alone he’d miss all of his appointments. He believes that BTS makes him better since he avoids making any mistakes when he is a part of the group. He added that he also overthinks and does care what people think about him. But he also tries to live life to the fullest and thinks he is a goofy person.

He also addressed the kombucha incident where he couldn’t find his favorite drink since they were sold out thanks to ARMY. He stated that since small business owners and restaurants aren’t doing so well at the moment if he can help with his influence, it has been worthwhile. He added that he was also influenced by his fans and called ARMY the main characters. Everything BTS does comes back to their fans since they have created a good synergy between themselves. 

He said that BTS could perform all they wanted, but to have a balance, ARMY are needed to complete the scene, to be present and to be on the receiving end of their love. He also said that the relationship they had was beyond love and it is something that he can’t put into words. Previously, he’d said that ARMY is like cogwheels. He'd explained that even if one cogwheel is missing, the clock wouldn’t work. Using this metaphor, he had called ARMY his driving force.


‘Power of Jeon Jungkook’

Fans were touched as they took to Twitter to trend ‘Jeon Jungkook’. One fan tweeted, “Jeon jungkook, our hearts are yours.” Another ARMY pointed out, “Weverse magazine server went down..,the power of jeon jungkook.” One tweeted, “Jeon Jungkook is so dreamy.” Another tweeted, “Jeon jungkook calling us "the main characters".... m-me?”








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 BTS' Jungkook talks about himself and calls ARMY the main characters