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BTS' Jin hopes ARMY don't lose their laughter, fans say he is 'so thoughtful'

In a recent interview, Jin spoke about laughter as the best medicine and wishes ARMY to always stay happy
UPDATED JUL 30, 2021
Jin hopes his fans will always be happy (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)
Jin hopes his fans will always be happy (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Previously, Jungkook and J-hope were interviewed by Weverse magazine in celebration of the release of the ‘Butter’ CD where they spoke about their real self and how much ARMY means to them. Well, the latest BTS member to be featured in the magazine happens to be none other than the vocalist of the group, Jin.

Jin sat down to have a chat with Weverse where he talked about the overwhelming response to ‘Butter’, why practice makes perfect and the importance of laughter. He also spoke about the pros and cons of everything going virtual thanks to the pandemic. He felt like the success of ‘Butter’ still hadn’t seeped in, since everything like the award shows were done online. Since he couldn’t do anything in person, the reality still hadn’t struck which was better since it took off the pressure. This meant that he could just simply enjoy the promotional period.

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Jin opens up about self-care and happiness

Jin also spoke about how the release of his single ‘Abyss’ had positively impacted him. Previously, he would always want his fans to think of him as being happy without knowing what he really was going through. However, after talking about inner struggles in ‘Abyss’, he feels the need to talk about self-care and was glad he could do it through song. He added that even now, he feels nervous after every performance. During those times, he tries to ease up and just enjoy. He also joked that since he’s handsome he gets to show it off along with everything he’s capable of.

He revealed that he needs to keep the mood light since practice is a burden. Jin feels he is slow at learning the choreography and is not very good at it. He felt that he had improved a lot for ‘Butter’ and so was happy with the way it had all worked out. It meant a lot especially when J-hope told him that his dancing had improved. But he always hopes he has more time to practice since he needs a lot of time to memorize. In fact, for new songs, he takes up to 4-5 days to learn and had to constantly practice for his rap in 'Daechwita' and 'Chicken Noodle Soup'.

Jin even mentioned that he built up the confidence to be the ice breaker since people would call him a superstar and make it awkward. He felt like those who met him for the first time needed to see a goofy and exaggerated side to him. And he knows that he too would behave the same way if he met a famous person. So, he always tries to respond in a way that people know is a joke so that the ice is broken.

Similarly, he hoped that his fans would never lose their laughter. He believed that since fans watch BTS like a hobby it’s all about enjoying and making yourself laugh. He doesn’t want fans to be exhausted because of them. This is why, on purpose, he tries to leave funny posts and replies to make them happy. He said that he just wanted people who like him to be happy. Similarly, he gets his energy from ARMY's reactions on social media and is always eager to show them everything that BTS has worked on.

'You make me the happiest'

Fans were touched and trended his real name. Seokjin on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Our Moon, Seokjin… advocating the importance of self-care and taking time for yourself! JIN, YOU are always a constant reminder that laughter is the best medicine we could have.” Another ARMY tweeted, “Seokjin is really so thoughtful and i love this about him.” One tweeted, “I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies on weverse to make them happier. I just hope anyone who likes me is happy." - normalize crying over seokjin everyday bc.” Another tweeted, “I love you KIM SEOKJIN you make me the happiest.” One tweeted, “Seokjin wanting to make us happy how do i give him the whole world.”