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BTS' V calls ARMY his best friends, fans gush over 'how much he spoke' about them

In a recent interview, V aka Taehyung spoke about his inspiration, challenges of recording 'Butter' and constantly mentioned ARMY as his support
UPDATED JUL 29, 2021
Taehyung said his look in 'Butter’ was inspired by Billy Joel and Johnny Depp’s Greaser look in ‘Cry Baby’ (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)
Taehyung said his look in 'Butter’ was inspired by Billy Joel and Johnny Depp’s Greaser look in ‘Cry Baby’ (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Previously, Jungkook, J-hope and Jin all expressed how much the ARMY meant to them during their interviews with Weverse. Due to BTS’ recent release of the ‘Butter’ CD, Weverse magazine has been having individual photoshoots and interviews with each of the members in celebration of the release and its success. The latest member to be featured in the magazine happens to be none other than V aka Taehyung.

Known for his impeccable music taste, BTS’ V spoke about his inspiration, his solo songs, gave music recommendations and constantly mentioned ARMY even while talking about other things. He also spoke about the challenge of ‘Butter’ as he had a lot of high notes. Since he always has the low parts and sings with a flow, he had to change his vocal technique. His hard work paid off and he was happy that his singing matched the youthful concept of ‘Butter’.

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V talks about his inspiration

V has a soft spot for classic music that he likes to listen to on vinyl. In fact, Louis Armstrong’s music is in his current playlist. He said that such music relaxed him and let him forget about his worries as he could feel peaceful. He also spoke about how his performance in ‘Butter’ was inspired by Billy Joel, high school movies, musicals and Johnny Depp’s Greaser look in ‘Cry Baby’. For performing on stage he always looks up gritty films like ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

He also added that whenever inspiration hits, he writes in his diary to later incorporate it into his lyrics. He then runs over to the studio to work on it. This is how his solo track ‘Snow Flower’ came into being. He revealed that he had actually been drinking with some musicians and since everyone was available, they decided to make ‘Snow Flower’. Not only that, V wrote the whole song in around three hours. He explained how he was thinking of the flowers getting crushed when the world is covered in snow and that’s the feeling that he was going for with the song.

All of BTS is an advocate of mental health and as artists, they’ve been doing it through song. V too had this same mindset while making his other single, ‘Blue & Grey’ as he wanted to share all of his emotions, even the pain with ARMY. He also recommended Arctic Monkeys’ ‘No. 1 Party Anthem’. He revealed that even though he doesn’t know the lyrics or what it’s about, the emotions and the melody gave him goosebumps and made him want to live his life well. 

V also spoke about the impromptu event he held for ARMY on Weverse as he wanted to share everything with them. He likes hearing their stories and staying in touch with them. He called them his best friends and wanted to do more than just perform for them. He said that they give him strength and someone he can share his feelings with. So, he always tries to respond to their messages and do whatever he can to make them happy.

‘Creative visionary’

Fans loved the photoshoot as they tweeted, “KIM TAEHYUNG THE MAN THAT YOU ARE.” One fan tweeted, “Baby… B&G will continue to heal and help those who will listen to it.” Another tweeted, “Tae is a creative visionary . the way he feels a song, envisions what kind of atmosphere it fits into, imagines the right mood and situation the song was made for , and enjoys a song where it's not just limited to listening but enthralls all the other senses too. Wow.” One tweeted, “Tae literally talked abt us even before the interviewer asks him abt us and then the interviewer told him that he was going to ask him abt how he feels abt ARMY but he already answered the question I'm crying yall look how much he spoke abt ARMY.”

Another tweeted, “Tae ure already a hundred percent and you can even go up to a thousand percent.” One tweeted, “Me after reading tae's magazine.” Another tweeted, “I love rock so much... so I adore how tae says he doesn't rlly listen to rock yet he wanted to share this specific song w/ us, this song he doesn't really know the words of, but simply bc it makes him emotional & can FEEL it, and wants ARMY to feel it too... this has me in tears.” One tweeted, "The interviewer: can u talk a little about armys? tae: ofc, i'll be quick (1/34554389)."