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Big Hit responds to BTS x Coldplay collab rumor, fans say 'this means it's confirmed'

Leaked sound and lyrics of a supposed BTS and Coldplay collaboration forces Big Hit to address the rumor
UPDATED JUL 15, 2021
BTS and Coldplay rumored to have collaborated together (BTS' Naver post, @coldplay/Twitter)
BTS and Coldplay rumored to have collaborated together (BTS' Naver post, @coldplay/Twitter)

While BTS has released two hit singles back to back, British band Coldplay hasn't released a full album since 2019. This is why many were excited when it was announced back in February that they would be returning with their ninth studio album ‘Music of the Spheres’ with an unconfirmed release date that seems to be very close. Genius even put the date for October 2021 as the band has revealed three tracks. However, there has been a rumor going around that it will even feature BTS.

On MatchLyric’s website, there is a song titled ‘My Universe’ by Coldplay. Some of the English lyrics have been released along with something surprising. In the title section, one can see that it says the song features BTS. Even the lyrics have some gaps that are said to be filled with Korean lyrics later. BTS and Coldplay have long since acknowledged and supported each other online. Thus many believe that the rumor could be possible.

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The BTS x Coldplay rumor

There were supposedly even snippets of the song as fans believed that it was the BTS x Coldplay song. The rumor ended up trending on several social media platforms to the point that BTS’ agency Big Hit Music decided to address it. But their response hasn’t quelled the rumors. On July 15, they simply said “It is difficult to confirm.” Their statement did nothing to help the matter as fans took it as a confirmation. Many also pointed out that whenever Big Hit indirectly addresses a rumor, it happens to be true, which is why fans are running with this logic even for the collab.


It is no surprise that BTS’ V is a fan of Coldplay and so fans were excited on his behalf if the collaboration rumor does happen to be true. Previously, BTS had covered Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ for ‘MTV Unplugged Presents’ in February. On the same day, Coldplay ended up posting it and giving them a shoutout on their social media. If the collaboration does happen, it is no doubt that the song will be amazing.

‘It’s confirmed’

Many wondered that if the rumor was indeed false, Big Hit could have outright denied it. There was no need to give such a vague answer. Well, looks like the vague answer has risen fans’ hope that the collaboration is indeed happening. This is why words like ‘IT’S CONFIRMED’ ended up trending on Twitter.

One fan tweeted, “When bighit says it's difficult to confirm that means it's confirmed.... WE ARE GETTING BTS X COLDPLAY!!?!??????!?!?” A user even made a meme, “Bighit whenever there's a collab rumour about bangtan.” Another fan tweeted, “When bighit said "it's difficult to confirm" that means YES. Cause army knows both bts and bighit very well.” A fan tweeted, “BTS X COLDPLAY IS COMING ITS COMING ITS REALLY COMING EVERYBODY UP GET UP.”