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BTS enjoy playing 'Will it Fit' on Jimmy Fallon show, fans say they 'expected the chaos'

BTS played a game of 'Will It Fit' with Jimmy Fallon as they tried to fit random objects like toys, candles and butter in other random containers
UPDATED JUL 24, 2021
BTS have a blast on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' as they played a game of 'Will it Fit' (Jimmy Fallon Instagram)
BTS have a blast on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' as they played a game of 'Will it Fit' (Jimmy Fallon Instagram)

Apart from getting to listen to new music, K-pop stans love the comeback period because we end up getting new content as the artists go on several promotional shows. The same goes for BTS. After months of sparse content, we have suddenly been showered with tons of interviews and performances thanks to the release of the ‘Butter’ CD and ‘Permission to Dance’. However, that can get tiresome for the members.

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon had other plans for BTS. Previously, the boys appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ for a 2-day takeover event. They went all out, from performing ‘Permission to Dance’ in an empty mall to ‘Butter’ at the World Cup Bridge in Seoul. And it won’t be a late-night talk show if there are no games. On July 24, it was revealed that BTS would be playing a game with Fallon called ‘Will It Fit?’

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BTS on Fallon (fallontonight/YouTube)

BTS play 'Will It Fit' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

The segment was fun and chaotic from the very first minute from Jimin imitating Fallon’s ‘Will it fit?’ to V finger tutting the whole time. The game requires BTS to try and fit a random object/s into some type of container or another object. The boys will first answer yes or no with a paddle. Then they would actually try and do the activity to see if their prediction was true or not.

Jimin trying to punch the butter sticks (fallontonight/YouTube)

Jimin went first and had to stick 33 sticks of butter in a fishbowl. He said yes and then went on to shove and punch the sticks till all 33 of them were inside. J-hope cutely picked Jimin and put him in the side as it was his turn. He had to put 91 ping pong balls in a Christmas stocking and he said he could. He tried pouring all of them which led to a disaster as ping pong balls flew off the table but with the help of his members he did it.

RM wearing all 6 tees (fallontonight/YouTube)

RM’s question seemed to be the funniest yet as he had to try and wear 6 tees, one on top of the other. He reasoned that he hated the color red on which the word 'No' was written and so picked 'Yes'. Many described him as a cute Hulk as he managed to wear all of the tees. JK on the other hand had it tough as he had to fit 10 scoops of ice cream in a taco shell. While everyone was hesitant, he said yes. He ended up mixing up the ice cream flavors as the boys cheered him by calling him ‘Jungscoop’ and ‘J scoop’. It fit too and JK celebrated by eating a bit of the ice cream.

Suga trying to direct the boys (fallontonight/YouTube)

The questions seemed to be getting harder as Suga had to fit 81 candles on a cupcake. He said he could do it and went about putting the candles in a strategic manner. Fallon and his band jokingly played music as RM commented that it could take a while. In the end, all of the members helped Suga by shoving the candles in the cupcake any way they could as Suga tried to direct them. With him succeeding, J-hope also added a ping pong ball to it.

V fits all 35 figurines in his pants (fallontonight/YouTube)

V’s question was hilarious as he had to fit 35 figurines in his pants. He started off by saying no but then changed his answer by saying he could do it. At first, the members tried to help by putting them in his pant pockets. But halfway through they started putting the figurines inside his pants. Well, it worked out since all 35 figurines finally fit. At Jin’s turn, he had to put 19 bananas in a fanny pack. He wasn’t scared of getting things messy as he said yes. Fallon was shocked that Jin wasn’t even using the front pocket. He fit all of the bananas in one section of the pack.

Fallon fails to fit in the cheese-filled washing machine (fallontonight/YouTube)

The final round was for all of the members to guess if Jimmy Fallon could fit in a washing machine full of nacho cheese. All of them said yes as they were excited to see it happen. The boys also wore hilarious expressions of disgust as Fallon tried to fit in and failed, leading to a very cheesy ending.

'Chaotic OT7'

And of course, fans took to Twitter to react and create memes of the game. An Army tweeted, "Chaotic OT7 truly the best." Another fan noticed, “Namjoon after the show.” Another found Suga’s cupcake hilarious, “THE WAY YOONGI'S CUPCAKE COLLAPSED AT THE END.” J-hope’s reaction to Fallon in the cheese-filled washing machine was everything, “Hobi's reaction heLp–.” One fan tweeted, “JIMIN CHANNELING HIS INNER AVENGER FOR FITTING THE BUTTER I'M.” Another fan tweeted, “A never ending saga of taehyung's finger tutting.” One tweeted, “Being handsome, cool and cute non-stop.” Another tweeted, “The look of concern on Seokjin's face when Jimmy Fallon was in a washing machine filled with nacho cheese.” One tweeted, “THE SEVEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENERGY.”