BTS 'In The Soop 2' drops first teaser to reveal 'secret castle' built for members

BTS will live in a huge mansion built for them by the makers of JTBC and HYBE's collaborative show 'In The Soop' in a secret forest location

                            BTS 'In The Soop 2' drops first teaser to reveal 'secret castle' built for members
BTS will appear on the second season of 'In the Soop with BTS' which features a huge house that the seven members will live in (@weverseofficial/Instagram)

BTS members last appeared on a leisurely relaxed holiday in a house together in the first season of 'In The Soop with BTS'. The short trip saw them enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by nature in the month of May where they basked in the glory of Spring in the town of Gangwon-do in Chuncheon, South Korea. The members of BTS lived in a private lake house called 'Lake 192.'

This lakehouse has won the Korean Architecture award and was the location for advertisement shoots as well as shown in the media as the ‘house on the lake’. This lakehouse for BTS included one main house which consisted of a living room, a kitchen, three bathrooms, two bedrooms, and four terraces. The main house also had a subsidiary guest house on the lake with two bedrooms and terraces as well as a large private yard.


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BTS members went strawberry picking at Suga's farm (@BTS_twt/Twitter)

BTS members get a holiday

After having an entire lakehouse at their disposal, in literal BTS fashion, they had to get bigger and better in Season 2. And what would be a better upgrade than a bonafide mansion? On September 2, 'In The Soop 2' dropped a teaser of the house that is being prepared for the members of BTS when they join the team for a second season of calm and peace as they take a break from work.

Just like the members got in touch with nature as they enjoyed some well-deserved leisure time outdoors in the last season of 'In The Soop' with BTS, this time around they are going to enjoy the comforts of a mansion. The upcoming season will see BTS relaxing in a customized villa resort with luxurious amenities that are built exclusively for "BTS and BTS only." The location of this mansion has not been revealed.

The production team of 'In The Soop with BTS' made a castle-like house for BTS (InTheSoop_TV/YouTube)

'In The Soop' makers treat BTS like Kings

In the teaser, ARMYs were able to see the house BTS members will reside in. While describing the house, the makers said the place is, “Somewhere in South Korea, a secret space like something out of a movie. Deep in the middle of the forest, a space constructed exclusively for BTS.”

Suga says that the view from their temporary mansion is not easily seen in South Korea (InTheSoop_TV/YouTube)

It says that the makers renovated the house 90 days before the arrival of BTS. The voice-over has BTS members appreciating the beauty of the castle created for them. Jimin was astounded when he talked about the house and how nice it was. He was shocked that the spacious mansion had a swimming pool, a tennis court as well a basketball court.

Jin called the house a castle which got ARMYs calling them Kings (InTheSoop_TV/YouTube)

J Hope mentioned that the house felt like a mansion and Jin retorted saying, "Isn't this basically a castle?" V added that the place felt like a secret place he did not want anyone else to find out. The first episode of the second season of 'In The Soop with BTS' will air on October 15. 

'In The Soop with BTS' comes back for a second season starting October 15 (InTheSoop_TV/YouTube)

Watch the trailer here:


'BTS deserve this'

Fans started talking about the upcoming season after the teaser dropped. "BTS IN THE SOOP SEASON 2 is incredible. I can't wait to watch it. They built a whole castle for BTS and BTS only... Yes my men are Kings and they deserve to be treated like Kings. Hybe has been working on this since a year so since In the Soop 1. Woww," said one tweet. One ARMY wrote, "Built a castle for the Kings, so excited for BTS in the Soop 2." Another said, "So an entire castle was constructed for In the soop season 2 - BTS version... Kings!!!!!" 

One shocked ARMY said, "So You're telling me they build a whole place just for @BTS_twt In The Soop 2. it's actually not easy y'all and it's really like a castle Just like Jin said a castle for our kings." One fan added, "They created a castle for our Kings. BTS and BTS only." One more fan added, "In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2- Official Teaser 1..They really built an entire castle for BTS now that's how the kings should be treated 1 year of planning, from architecture design to construction completion! Wow! This is literally insane!"

One fan joked about how close members of BTS are with each other and pointed that despite having the entire castle-like house for themselves, the members would choose to stick together by saying, "The way there are around 37 rooms in the ‘in the soop’ house but watch bts find a way to share the same bed no matter what."








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