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BTS' RM highlights impact of Korean culture in The MET Museum speech, ARMY feel proud

Members of BTS joined the First Lady of  South Korea at The Metropolitan Museum in New York in a celebration of the Korean artist and their works
UPDATED SEP 21, 2021
Members of BTS attend the special bilingual ceremony at the Metropolitan Museum joined with South Korea’s First Lady as RM addresses the audience (Reported Kim Jinah/, @BTS_twt/Twitter)
Members of BTS attend the special bilingual ceremony at the Metropolitan Museum joined with South Korea’s First Lady as RM addresses the audience (Reported Kim Jinah/, @BTS_twt/Twitter)

BTS who are currently in the US fulfilling their duties as the Special Envoys for Future Generations and Culture at the 76th United Nations General Assembly had a very eventful Monday, September 20. BTS first attended the morning session where they were the fourth speakers for the day after they were first introduced by the President of South Korea Moon Jae-in who addressed them to be the artists who have been most loved by the world.

Calling BTS on stage, all members of the group made a collective speech at the assembly making this event the first time all members of BTS speak in front of the leaders of the world. The members held themselves well even if they were overwhelmed by the powerful people around them. Fans noticed that Jungkook, who is now 24 years old, gave his first-ever speech at the UNGA. This is the same age RM (Namjoon) was when he first addressed the World Leaders back in 2018. The way Jungkook loves and respects his idol and leader, RM, fans were overwhelmed by the resemblance in which Jungkook follows the path of his idol.



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BTS' interview with Melissa Fleming

After their motivational speech at the UNGA, members of BTS screened a pre-recorded performance from the UN Headquarters where BTS performed their latest single, ‘Permission to Dance’ on open ground for the first time since its release. This was very significant to many ARMYs as the song addresses the hope for a better tomorrow where people could go back to their lives before the pandemic took over. After their stint at the Assembly, BTS members joined President Jae-in in an interview with Melissa Fleming, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications where they were asked questions about the Sustainable Development Goals.

When asked about why the SDGs are important to BTS as the Cultural Envoys, RM told Melissa that as the youth today are the future generation that still has a life ahead of them to live, the SDGs will enable them to make sure the future generations live in a better environment to grow up to be better individuals. He also added that as one of the goals under the SDG was to combat racism and hate, they as the envoys for future generations are enabling the voices of the youth for this making their platform the place for people to find refuge in.

BTS interview with Melissa Fleming, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications (United Nations/YouTube)

BTS attend the MET Museum

On the same day, the members of BTS joined South Korea’s First Lady, Kim Jungsook to present a gift from the South Korean government of lacquerware vessels by Chung Haecho. At the bilingual reception ceremony held on the rooftop garden of the Metropolitan Museum, BTS’ leader and spokesperson, RM (Kim Namjoon) said that “The eyes of the world are on Korean culture, Korean dramas, Korean film, Korean music. But there are still many great Korean artists who are yet to be discovered by the world.”

RM himself has made it known to his fans time after time how fondly he feels about artwork and he said that in their new special envoy position, he and the member of BTS felt “a special sense of pride” in being able to support the work of other artists from their country, and are armed with the mission “to try to spread Korean culture through the world and to everyone around the world”.

Karma is an ARMY

Over the last few weeks, fans of BTS were taunted by other fandoms for not being invited to the MET Gala, which is considered to be an achievement in the Entertainment industry at the moment. ARMYs saw that the same trolls had gone silent now that they figured out members of BTS were invited to the special ceremony at the museum instead. They reacted by saying, “Bts didn't attend the met gala but they went to the metropolitan museum, the same place of the met gala to accompany the first lady of sk to celebrate the artisan of their country and gave a speech. bts is on a whole another level.” Another fan said, “BTS went to the Met Museum for all the right reason. Went there with Madam First Lady of South Korea and celebrate Korean culture.”

One fan joked, “BTS went to the MET as Diplomats with the First Lady of South Korea. Met Gala who? LMAOOOO.” Another proud fan said, “Bts walked in the MET museum and got applauded by everyone in the room, what does that tell you? Exactly.” Fans were reminded of RM being excited about going to the MET as a visitor back in 2019 and now finally having the pleasure of giving a speech there as one fan compared, “RM at The Met in 2019 & 2021” One more fan pointed, “BTS turning down met gala invites just to show up at the Met Museum a week later on a diplomatic date with the First Lady of Korea! KING SH*T.” One more fan pointed, “Karma just doing the most once again... "They weren't invited," you say? Here's @BTS_twt at the MET. Not just invited but honorary guests.”