BTS deletes mukbang livestreams before Asian fans wake up, ARMY says 'life goes on'

BTS deletes mukbang livestreams before Asian fans wake up, ARMY says 'life goes on'
After missing four BTS lives, Asian ARMYs wonder if Life really goes on (BTS/VLive)

Ever since the members of BTS were appointed as Special Envoys for Future Generations and Culture by the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, BTS members are on an endless list of schedules while their activities are making it hard for fans around the world to keep track of. There is always a large chunk of fans that miss live streams or updates from BTS. Following this, fans have been telling each other, “life goes on,” as a jab at the BTS song of the same title from the album, ‘BE.’

When BTS members went live streaming in the past, international fans used to be starved and confused for missing updates that were posted in the daytime in Korea due to the time difference. With BTS now in the United States, precisely, New York, international fans rejoice as the tables have turned on Asian ARMYs.

BTS streamed a mukbang on VLive and deleteed it soon after (BTS/VLive)


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The members ate, talked, and relaxed after an eventful couple of days (BTS/VLive)

BTS works hard for ARMYs

The septet has had a cumbersome and tiring couple of days in New York as it was reported that BTS had started setting up their performance of ‘Permission to Dance’ in the wee hours of September 20 for it to be aired during the first session of the United Nations General Assembly after their powerful speech. They then had an interview with United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming, who complimented the boys for their dedication to give out a perfect performance.

On the evening of September 20, BTS was invited to visit a bilingual ceremony at the Metropolitan Musem with the First Lady of South Korea where RM (Namjoon) gave a speech that made many Asians proud, and ARMYs were elated as always. Fans thought that was the end of their activities but there definitely was more. On the morning of September 21, BTS met Megan Thee Stallion and both acts posted pictures on their social media accounts.


Is BTS collaborating with Beyonce?

Rumors suggest that BTS met Megan at the studio in which Jay Z produces music and fans started speculating that BTS was discussing a collab with Queen Beyonce herself. Beyonce’s mother liked the picture Megan posted on Instagram adding fuel to the fire. Megan then posted a picture of her hands on a plushie that BTS gifted her. The plushie was BT21’s Koya, a character created for RM (Namjoon).

All this happened late in the night of September 22 for Asian fans who had no clue all this was taking place while American fans relished every minute. As BTS went back to their hotel room, the members decided to have a mukbang session with ARMYs watching as they ate their dinner. All 7 members of BTS gathered together to livestream a session of them eating but because they were in a hotel and had an unstable internet connection, their livestream kept getting disconnected. The members tried to reconnect through VLive app not once or twice but four times. After all attempts failed, they gave up eventually.

BTS attempted to livestream from their hotel in America not once but four times before they gave up due to internet problems (BTS/VLive)

Deleted VLive videos

All live sessions on VLive are saved for the future but as the fate of ARMYs had to have it, all four mukbang sessions with BTS were deleted. Asian fans woke up to notifications of four live sessions but as soon as they tapped on it, the link opened to deleted videos. Fans quickly rushed to Twitter to find out what was going on only to be taunted by international fans that ‘Life was going on’.

Soon after fans trended the deleting of livestreams on Twitter, the live streams were put back on VLive. 


‘Life goes on, let’s live on’

One fan pointed out that Asian ARMYs had missed a list of events. “So much happened when i was sleeping: 1. Megan and bts posted. 2, Bangtan gave megan koya. 3. They went live 4 times. 4. The replay's are deleted. 5. They had wifi problems. 6. Coldplay and bangtan my universe teaser. 7. James Corden. 8. I just woke up. 9. Life goes on”. Another fan said: “You missed the part where they tried 4 times to go live and failed. Then Asian army woke up and saw 4 notification but none of them worked because the replays were deleted. It was a chaos in twt life goes on was trending.  Then Vlive felt mercy and uploaded lives.” One heartbroken fan said, “Heartbroken ARMY. The most heartbroken ARMY. And then who missed BTS LIVE 4 times, I SAID 4 DAMN TIMES. and you say Life Goes On!!!!! Otteoke.” One more fan joked, “Life don't goes on when you missed bts 4 live.”

One more fan listed out the details of events that took place when they were sleeping, “For ARMYs who are waking up here’s what you missed: 1.Megan and BTS posted 2. BTS went live 4 times. They had wifi problems and disconnected. 3. The vlives have been deleted for some reason. 4. BTS Chicken Space. 5. CORDEN getting cancelled for calling ARMY 15 year old girls.” One fan said, “If anybody says life goes on I'm gonna smack cuz life doesn't go on after missing 4 bts live broo like broo my life stopped there😭😭😭 I was sleeping and I woke up to see v live notifications.” Another fan said, “I Just woke up and missed 4 BTS LIVE that too 0t7. All i did was sleep. Is sleeping a crime.   What the coconut mahn😭And now even the replay is deleted. So its this time where i should say - LIFE GOES ON, LETS LIVE ON.”

An emotional fan said, “4 BTS live and I missed all of them. LIFE GOES ON (so do my tears). But look at them kings. Damn.” One more fan pointed, “So I was not the only one who missed the 4 BTS lives. Life goes on~ Let's live on.” A fan got annoyed and said, “Bts came live at 4 freaking AM  4. Freaking times..  how am I supposed to do anything today? LIFE GOES ON Or does it?” One more fan pointed, “I missed BTS 4 live 😭😭 I also thought why the notification was 4 times, anyway life goes on.” One ARMY said, “7 Legends once said: Life goes on. Says me who missed BTS’ live not once but 4 times.”












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