BTS x Coldplay 'My Universe': ARMYs go crazy as Chris Martin sings Korean lyrics

Chris Martin from Coldplay also gifted BTS' Jin his favorite guitar

                            BTS x Coldplay 'My Universe': ARMYs go crazy as Chris Martin sings Korean lyrics
Chris Martin sang Korean lyrics from 'My Universe' and gifted Jin his favorite guitar (@BTS_twt/Twitter)

On September 24, Coldplay pre-released the song 'My Universe' in collaboration with K-pop sensation BTS and held a special performance of the song at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater, as part of SiriusXM and Pandora’s Small Stage Series. While on stage, Chris Martin performed the song in the company of his bandmates from Coldplay without BTS present as the boys had already left to go back home to South Korea.

While Chris Martin sang the song solo on stage, fans noticed him trying to sing the Korean lyrics that are part of the chorus and are sung by Jungkook. Fans were overwhelmed by the gesture and many fans of BTS compared Chris Martin to Halsey and Max who have both tried learning the Korean lyrics of the songs they collaborated with BTS on.


Chris Martin sang on stage: "Maeil bam nege naraga (Ga)/Kkumiran geotdo ijeun chae/Na useumyeo neoreul manna (Na)/Never ending forever, baby" This translates to, "I fly to you every night (Fly)/Forgetting that it's just a dream/I meet you with a smile (Meet)/Never ending forever, baby."


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Coldplay and BTS in NYC (@BTS_twt/Twitter)

BTS' friend Coldplay

On September 24, hours after the release of the song, Jin from BTS posted a tweet on the official Twitter handle that the members use and informed fans that he had not only met his idol but also became friends with him. Older fans know that all members of BTS have been huge fans of Coldplay but Jin made his love for the band very obvious.

Jin always used to carry a photo card of Chris Martin with him as he stored it on the back of his phone inside the phone case. Not just that, Jin also had Coldplay songs on the playlists that he made on YouTube and Spotify showing fans how much he really appreciated their music. With BTS and Coldplay collaborating with 'My Universe', fans were ecstatic to witness the collaboration of the century as well as see the interaction between the two mega acts of music through social media.


Jin gets a special gift from Chris

Fans were given proper updates of every interaction in terms of pictures posted by both acts on social media. From BTS members gifting Coldplay members the modern Hangbok to BTS releasing a video of Chris Martin and RM (Namjoon) recording the song together in a studio. Later in the day, Jin posted a picture with Chris Martin and called him his friend. In the tweet, Jin said that his friend Chris Martin was performing with the guitar. Jin complimented the instrument and Martin gave it to Jin without any hesitation.

Jin then thanked Chris Martin for such a precious gift and promised to keep the guitar as a family heirloom that will run on for generations in the Kim household. Fans noticed that Martin had gifted Jin his favorite guitar, signed "Worldwide handsome Jin" on it stating the obvious that Chris has made himself privy to the inside jokes that run in the BTS fandom.


ARMYs are swooning over Chris Martin's kind gestures

Fans of BTS started pointing out tiny details and thanking Chris Martin for appreciating and accepting Korean culture as well as giving Jin a very precious gift. One fan said, "AHHH CHRIS MARTIN SINGING KOREAN." Another fan said, "Chris martin singing the korean lyrics my heart is gonna BURST OUT OF MY CHEST." Another fan pointed, "BTS really got Halsey, Max, and now Chris Martin singing in Korean and normalizing it. The respect and friendship too."

One fan said, "Somethin about Chris Martin singing part of the korean lyrics just goes to show you how much this collab means to him." When a fan translated Jin's message to Chris thanking him for the guitar, another fan pointed, "For those who don't know: This is Chris Martin's favorite Guitar still he gifted it to Jin and even signed "Worldwide handsome Jin" on it."








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