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BTS performs 'Permission to Dance' at UN, gives message from youth to world leaders

Members of BTS address the youth at the 76th UNGA as the 'Welcome Generation' who accept everything they are faced with
UPDATED SEP 21, 2021
BTS, the Envoys for Future Generations and Culture, speak at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (United Nations/YouTube)
BTS, the Envoys for Future Generations and Culture, speak at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (United Nations/YouTube)

Members of BTS have had a lot of success over the past few years, but as young boys who have grown into the understanding and knowledgeable men, fans are living every moment with BTS by following them at every step.

Representing the youth of the world and their country South Korea at the United Nations General Assembly, cultural envoys BTS gave a joint speech at the General Assembly on September 20.

President of South Korea Moon Jaein first addressed world leaders and talked about all the developments in his country that changed their status from a developing country to a developed country in no time; he also said that as a way to make more people aware of the changes every country needs to go through, South Korea will take an active part and walk with the rest of the world in a quest to put an end to poverty.


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BTS show photos and messages fans sent them at the 76th UNGA (United Nations/YouTube)

BTS gives a group speech at the UNGA

BTS was then invited on stage by the South Korea President as they were elected as Envoys for Future Generations and Culture due to their global impact. The session saw a couple of work of art being brought to the stage as the members walked in to address the audience. All members, even RM (Namjoon), spoke in their native Korean as they addressed leaders of the world. 

Member of BTS at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (United Nations/YouTube)

RM began his speech by saying, “We are BTS and we are here to share the stories of our future generations.” He then addressed the ‘Youth Today’ project wherein BTS had asked fans and other youth in their teens and 20s about their experience of living in a closed-off world over the last two years given the global pandemic of Covid-19.

He then let Jin take charge of the speech which made it special to many ARMYs watching as it was amazing to see other members also take the lead.

RM (Namjoon), Leader of BTS addresses world leaders at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

Jin and Jimin address the world leaders

Jin began his speech by saying, “You can feel the good vibes just by looking at these,” pointing to the two pieces of art in front of them. He added that there were times in the past where even he felt bewildered and troubled. He then pointed at a message by a fan that said, “Let’s Live On,” which again was inspired by one of their sayings from BTS’ Online Concert of 2020.

Next, Jimin talked about how it's always a right time to take on new challenges as waiting for the world to go back to normal is never a good idea. He also said, “It wasn’t as if we could blame anyone,” and he said he understood the frustration all the youth of today felt. He went on to say that the experience felt like being transported in a flash to a parallel world.

Jimin of BTS talks about the hopeful memories the youth is making online in a new world at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

Golden maknae Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook, the maknae of the group, went on to discuss his own thoughts from the beginning of the pandemic. He said, “I was saddened to hear that entrance and graduation ceremonies had to be canceled,” adding that he considers these to be moments in life that every young person would want to celebrate.

He then talked about how he and the rest of the members of BTS were heartbroken when their long-awaited plans of concerts and world tours were also canceled as this was their only way to meet and interact with fans around the world.

Jungkook of BTS addressing his own emotions and uncertainty at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

Suga talks about mourning during the pandemic

Suga then added, “Yes, it was a time for us to mourn for the things that Covid-19 took away from us.” He also said that this time reminded them of how every moment that they once considered precious was taken away from them.

Jimin then took over from Suga’s point and added that many fans responded to BTS by sending them pictures precious moments that people began to value during the pandemic. Youth today seemed to have gotten closer to nature given the circumstances they were in and began to care for nature.

Suga talks about mourning and loss during the pandemic at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

J Hope talks about the climate crisis

J Hope then added that in our time of crisis, the youth think about the things they mourned for, while they also now want to draw attention to the global climate crisis and how the thought of “mourning for the Earth” causes them to shudder. He said, “Everyone agrees that Climate Change is an important problem,” and added that it is not easy to talk about what the best solution might be. 

RM then said, “Yes it is a tough discussion.” And he continued by saying that he learned very recently that the young generation is greatly participating in resolving issues of the environment. He added that “the future is unexplored territory and that is where we more than anyone else in the world will spend their time in.” He then urged the youth of the world today to never consider the future as just grim darkness but see light at the end of the tunnel.

J Hope says all the members of BTS are looking forward to giving the youth hope at the 76th UNGA, New York(United Nations/YouTube)

V of BTS gives hope to the youth

Finally, V went on to give the young generation hope, saying there are people who are fighting for the world and there is hope for a solution so the youth today should not consider this the end of their lives as “there are still many pages left in the story about the youth.” He added that we should not already talk as if the ending of that story has already been written. 

Jungkook continued saying, “Sometimes the world feels like it is moving on even if you (the youth) are stuck in a place.” He then reassured fans that there was once a time when they too felt that way.

V calls for a better future and asks the Youth to wait for a new chapter of their lives at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

The Welcome Generation

RM then said that teens and youth in their 20s are being referred to as the ‘Covid Lost Generation’ as they have lost their way at a time when they need the most diverse opportunities they could ask for. He gave the youth hope by saying that it was a stretch to call them lost just because the paths these young people are treading on are not visible to the eyes.

Jimin pointed again at the pictures from young fans who are maintaining their friendships online, learning new things, and trying to live a healthier life inside the confines of their homes. He said that kids now do not look like they are lost but look hopeful as they are finding new ways to live and take on new challenges.

Jin suggested a new name for this generation: ‘Welcome Generation’ as this generation does not fear change, instead, it welcomes every change head-on. RM added that this generation is capable enough to find and discover new ways in the event of being misdirected and lost.

Jin, the oldest member of BTS speaks about the beautiful hope to live on among the Youth today at the 76th UNGA, New York (United Nations/YouTube)

BTS members are vaccinated against Covid-19

Suga said that “there will be choices that we make that are not perfect but, it does not mean that there is nothing we can do to correct them.” J Hope continued to add, “What is important then, are the choices we make when we are faced with change.” 

J Hope then confirmed that all the seven members of BTS were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 giving hope to the youth to vaccinate themselves as well. V added that just like the vaccination, there are new efforts that are being made to move away from the setback of Covid-19, and the day that everything goes back to normal is not far away, until then, he asked everyone to fill themselves with positive energy.

BTS speak in front of World Leaders at the 76th UNGA (United Nations/YouTube)

New Beginnings with BTS

RM concluded by saying that every choice is a new beginning as the world keeps moving forward and not backward. He said that in this new world, everyone is welcome. He said that the ‘Permission to Dance’ is their message of welcome to future generations. 

The members then showed a video from a pre-recorded performance of the song at the UN Headquarters where BTS was finally joined by other people in their dance for the hope of a better future.

At the end of their speech, members of BTS show a pre-recorded performance from the United Nation's Headquarters (United Nations/YouTube)

Watch the entire video here: