'Blue Birthday': Red Velvet Yeri, Pentagon Hongseok to make film debut with K-drama

The time-travelling romantic K-drama 'Blue Birthday' is being turned into a movie

                            'Blue Birthday': Red Velvet Yeri, Pentagon Hongseok to make film debut with K-drama
Fans loved the chemistry between Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok in the K-drama (@yerimiese/Instagram)

It looks like we will be getting our favorite idol actors on the big screen. Red Velvet’s Yeri landed her first acting project with ‘Blue Birthday’ where she played the female lead Oh Ha-rin opposite Pentagon’s Hongseok who played Ji Seo-joon. The time-traveling romance was a hit among K-pop and K-drama lovers. Following its commercial success, its production has teamed up with CGV who is focusing on their new ambitious project, the Cinerama Project.

CGV has been partnering with drama productions to release projects in both K-drama, as well as a feature film format. Those who love cliffhangers and suspense can watch the stories as K-drama episodes that are aired weekly. Those who prefer the experience of watching the whole story at a stretch on the big screen can watch the movie version. Since the movie version is released after the K-drama finishes airing, as an incentive, unreleased footage and scenes are included in the film. And the same treatment has been given to Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon Hongseok’s ‘Blue Birthday’.

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K-drama ‘Blue Birthday’ to get a theatrical release

Blue Birthday’ is a fantastical, romantic thriller that begins with Pentagon Hongseok’s Ji Seo-joon’s 10th death anniversary. His ex, Oh Ha-rin, played by Red Velvet’s Yeri gets a chance to travel back in time eight times with eight photographs to the time she had taken the magical photographs of Seo-joon when he was alive. The K-drama follows their past romance and their present struggle to find Seo-joon’s future killer and save his life, altering their future.

On January 12, CGV shared that they have teamed up with Playlist Studio to give ‘Blue Birthday’ a theatrical release. The K-drama will be released as a film on January 19 in 30 theatres nationwide, powered by CGV. Tickets can be purchased through CGV's app and site. While the drama had 16 episodes, the film has been re-edited to the duration of 137 minutes with additional footage. CGV said, “'Blue Birthday', viewed on the theater's large screen and high-quality sound system, is expected to provide a different experience and emotion from the drama.”


They also hope to create a new viewing trend of providing a story in drama and movie format that will help viewers retain the different emotions and the thrill that they get from watching a drama and a movie. Fans will also get merch and goodies like a post-card-themed calendar in the first week and photos of the film that play a pivotal role in the plot in the second week of the release. CGV is also in talks of turning ‘Chilling Roommate’ into a drama and a film starring iKON’s Chanwoo and former GFriend star Sowon aka Kim So-jung.

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