'Love & Wish': Will Youngjae have film debut? Fans wonder as GOT7 star lands K-drama

'Love & Wish': Will Youngjae have film debut? Fans wonder as GOT7 star lands K-drama
Youngjae has landed his next K-drama (@YOUNGJAExArs/Twitter, Cube Entertainment/Naver)

It looks like we are indeed getting ‘actor Youngjae’ back. A few days ago, just before the GOT7 star's first solo fan meeting, fans found a reputable site claiming that he had landed the main role in the upcoming romantic K-drama ‘Love & Wish’ which might also be released as a film. Fans were ecstatic as they trended ‘actor Youngjae’ with the hopes that the news would be true. The K-pop idol had first debuted in the JYPE K-drama ‘Dream Knight’ in 2015 followed by a six-year break. Well, with the group members focusing on their individual careers at the moment, Youngjae has decided to renew his acting career.

The vocal powerhouse quite recently had his solo debut as a singer as he released his self-produced album ‘COLORS from Ars’. But before that, Youngjae returned to the acting scene with the very first Netflix Korean sitcom, ‘So Not Worth It’. He showed off his acting chops and comedic timing as the American-Korean student Sam who ends up in an enemies-to-lovers trope with none other than (G)I-DLE Minnie’s character. But while the sitcom was more comedy than romantic, GOT7 fans can now finally see Youngjae’s romantic side in the new K-drama ‘Love & Wish’.


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Youngjae lands romantic K-drama ‘Love & Wish’

We’ve been getting so many good news that Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) don’t know what to focus on. Following the casting leak of ‘Love & Wish’, fans were getting ready for Youngjae’s first solo fan meeting being held on November 27. But looks like it wasn’t solo for long since the rest of GOT7 surprised him and fans by appearing. Apart from Jackson who is in China and Mark who is in LA, the remaining five members reunited at Youngjae’s fan meeting. And before fans could get time to calm themselves from the sudden mini-reunion, we have confirmation news for Youngjae’s drama and a possible film debut.


Film debut?

On November 30, Cube Entertainment announced that they had roped in Youngjae, Choi Ye-bin of ‘Penthouse’ fame and Yoo Jae-sang for ‘Love & Wish’. This is the entertainment agency’s third Cine de Rama project as they have teamed up with U-NEXT to adapt webtoon into K-dramas. The first adaptation was ‘Her Bucket List’ followed by ‘Pumpkin Time’ starring CLC and Kep1er’s Yujin and Pentagon’s YeoOne. And with the past Cine de Rama projects being released as a drama and a film, we just might be seeing Youngjae on the big screen for ‘Love & Wish’.

Cube reported that the script reading had already taken place and filming would begin soon. Based on a webtoon, ‘Love & Wish’ is about young love, friendship and the struggles of a high school student. We have Ye-bin playing Son Da-eun, a hopeless 17-year-old romantic who falls in love with her neighbor. Youngjae is set to play the male lead, Kim Seung-hyu while Jae-sang will play the second male lead Na Yu-il. The drama version will be released on the OTT platform U-NEXT in mid-December.

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