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'Blue Birthday': Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok fans await K-pop idols' chemistry

Fans are amazed as 'Blue Birthday' K-Drama releases teaser poster with Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok as a couple
Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok star as lead in 'Blue Birthday' (Yeri, Pentagon's Instagram)
Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok star as lead in 'Blue Birthday' (Yeri, Pentagon's Instagram)

Let’s be honest, K-drama and K-pop fanbases are widely different from the way fans react to their favorites to how they handle certain types of news. When it comes to K-dramas, fans tend to be more relaxed in how they respond to their favorite actors or characters. But K-pop idols have to be more careful regarding each and every decision they make since their fanbases tend to react more intensely. And while that’s a good way of showing their love and support, it can sometimes be a curse, especially when it comes to romance. This even includes reacting to the fictional romance that idol actors like Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok will be portraying in their newest drama.

While the older generations of K-pop idols had much more freedom once K-pop became more global and gathered more fans, idols were deterred from being too friendly with those of the opposite gender. Which is why even in K-dramas, idol actors make sure that their characters aren’t too open with someone from the opposite gender lest fans start sending hate. However, this is slowly changing as was seen in Netflix’s newest show, 'So Not Worth It', where GOT7’s Youngjae and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie were not only a couple but also kissed. Fans only had good things to say about this storyline. So, how did they react to the news about Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok starring as a couple in ‘Blue Birthday’? 

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Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok's drama

Playlist production announced that ‘Blue Birthday’, a supernatural romance thriller would have the K-pop idols, Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok as the main couple. The drama will follow the tale of Oh Ha-rin, played by Yeri, who loses her first love, Ji Seo-joon, played by Hongseok on her 18th birthday. In a game of fate, 10 years later, she is allowed to travel back in time to that tragic day and given a chance to save her boyfriend. The drama is a will-she or won’t-she suspense thriller with an equally eerie poster that was released a few days ago.

The drama also released a cute teaser of the two playing with a film camera before Hongseok disappears in the last two shots, leaving Yeri shocked and confused. This would come into play in the drama as Ha-rin makes use of the photos left behind by Seo-joon to try and save him. The drama will be available on Naver TV and YouTube from July 23 at 7 pm KST.

Red Velvet's Yeri and Pentagon's Hongseok in Blue Birthday (Yeri's Instagram)

And till now, the drama and the two idols have only received love and support from their fans. One tweeted, “Seeing hongseok and yeri establishing such a good bond while filming their drama is actually so nice and refreshing, i like that theyre this comfortable! she even made a little joke under his ig post by calling herself "noona" although he's older.” Another fan tweeted, “Seriously it feels like yesterday when yeri and hongseok accepted blue birthday and went for the script reading and now we’re so close to watching the actual drama time flies so fast.” Another fan saw the parallel between this show and 'So Not Worth It' and tweeted, “Right?!? also yeri hongseok… ugh the drama hasn’t even started yet i can already feel their chemistryyyy.”




One fan also tweeted, "Okay but I am so excited for the upcomimg drama starring yeri rv and hongseok ptg like they are gonna be so cute?? Urgh can't wait!!” Another was excited for the idols, “Hongseok and yeri my BELOVEDS.... blue birthday is literally gonna be So good im so excited for it esp since theyre both the main characters of the drama and genuinely seem to get along so well with each other.” One Twitter user even declared that they might watch the show just for the idols, “Hongseok and yeri's cute interactions make me want to watch their web drama >.<”