'Below Deck': Rayna dubbed 'hypocrite' for not forgiving Heather after accepting apology

'Below Deck': Rayna dubbed 'hypocrite' for not forgiving Heather after accepting apology
'Below Deck' stars Rayna Lindsey and Heather Chase (Bravo)

Ever since heather Chase uttered the N-word while hanging out with her fellow crew member Rayna Lindsey, things have been tense between the two 'Below Deck' stars. When Rayna first brought up the issue and pointed out to Heather how she shouldn't be using that word, the chief stew was initially puzzled and denied uttering it. Even though Heather was convinced that she never uttered it, she still went ahead and apologized to Rayna.

But Rayna was taken aback by Heather denying it and began to act a bit cold and distant around her from then on. Heather sensed this change in Rayna's attitude, so on the recently aired episode of 'Below Deck', she pulled the deckhand aside and expressed a heartfelt apology. Heather made it very clear that she never meant to cause any pain or hurt to Rayna and apologized for her language. She also assured Rayna that she would be more mindful of her language. Rayna readily accepted Heather's apology and said that she was ready to start afresh with her. But later she revealed to Fraser Olender that she would never be able to forgive Heather.


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Heather apologizing to Rayna on 'Below Deck' (Bravo)


Rayna confided in Fraser about how Heather's behavior was rubbing her the wrong way and felt that the chief stew should have apologized immediately after the incident rather than waiting it out for so long to apologize. After watching Rayna holding onto her anger towards Heather despite accepting her apology, fans began calling her out. Several fans took to Twitter to slam Rayne for her hypocritic behavior.

A fan tweeted, "Rayna is just a sad sack. She's complaining about EVERYTHING. Shes literally being such a whiny B #BelowDeck." Another fan wrote, "If she really wanted to apologize, she would have done it sooner, ya know?” You mean like right after you called her out on it THE NIGHT SHE SAID IT, LIKE WHEN SHE APOLOGIZED FOR IT?! Rayna is calling Heather out for being fake and she’s the biggest f***ing hypocrite. #BelowDeck." "Rayna you’re not over it stop saying you are and if you don’t want people to say the n word stop saying it yourself. #BelowDeck," added a fan.





'Below Deck' star Rayna Lindsey (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "Rayna you need to be honest can’t say one thing to Heather’s face and something different behind her back #belowdeck." "It seemed like Rayna accepted Heathers apology so I’m confused why behind her back she’s saying she doesn’t forgive her #BelowDeck," wondered a fan. Another fan pointed, "If you don’t forgive her, Rayna then you should have TOLD her your feelings and not say “it’s okay”….& now you’re going around continuing to talk about it to other people instead of Heather! #BelowDeck."





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