'Below Deck' Season 9: Chief Stew Heather Chase mocked for 'barking orders' at team

'Trust you on your leadership Heather?? WHAT leadership??? #belowdeck,' questioned a fan

                            'Below Deck' Season 9: Chief Stew Heather Chase mocked for 'barking orders' at team
'Below Deck' stars Heather Chase and Fraser Olender (Bravo)

There's never a dull moment on luxury superyacht My Seanna. From choppy waters, romances to erratic demands of guests, the crew working on the luxury superyacht have their hands full and their crazy adventures are well-documented on Bravo's 'Below Deck'. The hit reality show has returned to our small screens with Season 9 and the crew members wasted no time in serving us some juicy drama.

With Francesca Rubi's absence from the new 'Below Deck' season, Heather Chase filled in for her as the new Chief Stew of My Seanna. If you have ever watched the show you would know that a chief stew's job is no cakewalk. Although fan-favorite chief stew- Kate Chastain made it look like a breeze, with her incredible organization and delegation skills, the role's massive scope of work can be pretty overwhelming. New chief stew Heather, unfortunately, didn't make the best first impression on either her team nor fans. 


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Heather Chase on 'Below Deck' (Bravo)


In her green room interview, Heather candidly explained that she managed to quickly climb up the ladder and become a chief stew at the age of 25 due to her hard work and efforts. She recounted how she spent a month cleaning dildos while working on a cruise in Italy. She also added that she will do whatever needs to be done to keep the guests comfortable and happy. Although Heather said all the right things in her green room interview, the chief stew failed when it came to execution.

After meeting her team, Fraser Olender and Jessica Albert, she quickly assigned tasks to them. She made Fraser her first stew and gave him the task of housekeeping and serving the guests, while Jessica was made the second stew and assigned laundry duty. Both of them got to work, while Heather stood around cleaning the bar table and barking orders at her team. She got Fraser to juggle between serving the guests their dinner and cleaning the guests' bedrooms. 

Fraser complained about Heather's poor organization and planning skills. He later pulled her aside and told her that he would appreciate if they communicated better and she was more organized and structured when it came to delegating tasks to them. Fans too agreed with Fraser and called out Heather for not helping out her team and simply giving them instructions. A fan tweeted, "#BelowDeck I've only seen Heather give orders, not cleaning. A chief stew helps her crew too. No matter the rank, everyone is still a team.." Another fan wrote, "What is Heather doing besides walking around barking orders? #BelowDeck." "Heather needs to take a lesson from Katie on how to delegate and hustle. #BelowDeck," joked a fan. 




Heather Chase on 'Below Deck' Season 9 (Bravo)


"Heather is another horrible chief stew. Her organizational and time management skills are horrendous. She reminds me of Chandler running the crew all around without a plan #BelowDeck ," expressed a fan. "Frazer seems to have a better grasp on a Chief Stew position than Heather. #BelowDeck," shared a fan. "Trust me and my leadership @Heather have you shown any Leadership yet? #leadership #BelowDeck," questioned a fan. "Trust you on your leadership Heather?? WHAT leadership??? #belowdeck," echoed a fan.





'Below Deck' Season 9 airs every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.