'Below Deck': Heather Chase says she was bullied for being White and blonde in Hawaii

'Below Deck': Heather Chase says she was bullied for being White and blonde in Hawaii
'Below Deck' star Heather Chase claims she was bullied for being White and blonde (Bravo)

Heather Chase, the new chief stew on 'Below Deck' Season 9 is quickly becoming one of the least fan-favorite cast members of the show. After rubbing off the Bravo fans the wrong with her poor management skills and her constant criticism towards fellow crew member Fraser Olender, she found yet another new way to irk fans.

The second charter guest group on the luxury superyacht My Seanna were a group of realtors with Michael Durham as the primary charter guest. Durham and his friends, who happen to be bourbon enthusiasts, went a bit overboard with their drinking. Durham's colleague, Justin Richards, got really drunk on the first night and began abusing his fellow realtor Terri Augustyn. When Heather tried to intervene, he began cussing at Heather too. The chief stew was obviously unhappy with her guests' behavior. The next morning she informed Captain lee Rosbach about how the guests crossed a major line when it came to their behavior towards her. Captain Lee immediately took charge of the matters and warned the charter guests to be polite towards his crew.


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Heather Chase on 'Below Deck' (Bravo)


After getting an earful from Captain Lee, Justin reached out to Heather and expressed his heartfelt apologies for his inappropriate behavior. Heather readily forgave him. In her confessional, the chief stew explained how the whole experience left her rattled. She recounted how she was bullied at her school in Hawaii for being the only White girl with blonde hair in the class. The incident with Justin reportedly triggered her childhood trauma and left her feeling unsettled.

When fans heard Heather crying over being bullied for being White and blonde, they were amused and refused to believe her. A fan tweeted, "I don't think Heather was bullied for being blond and white. I think she was bullied for having a gigantic forehead - "fivehead" #BelowDeck." Another fan wrote, "Are you sure your white blondness was the reason you were bullied? Could it have been something else? #BelowDeck." "Who went to high school with Heather? I want receipts. #BelowDeck," commented a fan. Another fan added, "...i know heather did not just say she was bullied because she was white and blonde #BelowDeck."






Heather Chase (Instagram)


Another fan wondered, "Was Heather just trying to garner sympathy because she is blonde and white?! #BelowDeck." "I was bullied “because I was the only white, blonde girl in my school in Hawaii”? Peak colonizer audacity… #BelowDeck," pointed out a fan. "Sorry i can’t feel bad for heather for being bullied by being the only cute white blonde girl living on an island in Hawaii that was unlawfully invaded and occupied #belowdeck ," expressed a fan.





'Below Deck' Season 9 airs every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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